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I miss you. Part #10

Your Pov:

" 1-2-3 GO!" james yelled. James, beau and skip decided to start with the milk first while you, jai and luke all got the 4 chilies over and done with first. You took the first bite, "oh my god!'" you screamed chewing showing your teeth to let the fresh air cool your tongue, "i like spicy food so i thought id be good at this, but no" you said in on breath clenching your eyes shut. "Fuck!" Luke screamed eating the whole chili. Jai was on his 2nd chili and his eyes were already watering, "i cant feel my tongue, my lips are fucked!" he yelled dribbling. "babe youre dribbling everywhere" you giggled breathing out the hotness from your mouth. "okay done with the chilies!" you said to the camera and picking up the milk bottle. "what! youre an animal!" beau said looking at you surprised, you laughed and started to guzzle the milk. "Ugh i dont feel so good" Skip said clenching his stomach leaning over still holding his milk. "ugh ugh blahahhh" Beau started gagging. "come on kid, you haven't even drank that much!" Luke yelled pointing at beau. Then beau bent over and puked all over the concrete, "ew what the hell beau" you said looking at the puke in disgust. At this point you luke and jai had finished your chilies and were half way through your milk, James, skip and beau had a 1/4 left of theirs and their chilies. "come on boys me and (Y/N) are gonna win this!" jai said smirking at them. They just continued gagging. "Done!" Luke screamed holding up his arms. "nah, you haven't won yet james still needs to finish his stuff too!" jai yelled back at him pointing at james. Skip and beau finished their milk and now were onto the chilies. "Done!" you screamed holding your stomach feeling bloated. "come on babe you've only got a little left!" you said to jai jumping up and down. "james hurry the fuck up!" Luke screamed looking over at jai to see how much he had left. "Finished!" jai dropped to bottle from his mouth and you jumped into in arms, with your arms holding onto his neck, he put you back down. "uh, i dont feel so good" jai said bending over, "oh god" you stood back knowing what was about to happen. Jai puked all over the area where he was standing. "wooooo !" beau cheered as he puked. "okay well i guess thats all" luke said looking around at us and then to the camera. "thanks for watching" they all started walking toward the camera "jahoooo, jaha!" they yelled before pressing stop. "okay me and (Y/N) are gonna film 'Boyfriend does my make-up and the boyfriend tag" jai said pulling you upstairs. You waved to the boys and walked behind jai.

Jais Pov:

The laptop was all set up on the bed, (Y/N) was sitting cross-legged on the bed in front of it with me next to her, and all her make-up spread out on the bed. "okay ready?" i smiled with the mouse on record looking at (Y/N). "Yeap" she smiled. I smiled and pressed record. "Hey guys, today ive got (Y/N) with me and were gonna do the 'boyfriend does my make up and were also gonna do the 'Boyfriend/Girlfriend tag' while im doing her makeup" i said grabbing (Y/N) hand and smiling at her. "You ready babe" i asked squeezing her hand. " ugh i guess so" she sighed giggling. The typical Background music started and i choose the first product. "okay now the rules are she cant tell me what to do or what anything is" i said looking in the camera, "okay (Y/N)?" i smirked at her, she just smiled and nodded. "okay first of all im gonna start with this, stuff" i held the product up to the camera, "now this goes on, Your eye lids" i held my laughter in and put it on (Y/N) eyes. Her mouth dropped open, so im guessing that wasn't right i laughed to myself. "Next we'll put this stuff on ya" i lifted up the black pencil and drew messily around (Y/N) eyes. "okay while im being tortured we'll do the gf/bf tag' i giggled, jai giving me the evils after i said that.

Your Pov:

"okay question 1" i said looking at my phone while jai was doing my makeup. "where & when was our first kiss?" i looked at jai. "um" he thought about it, " At the park on our 2nd date" he laughed. "good" i giggled. "okay next one, what could i eat everyday if i could?", "um, sushi!" jai smiled "yeap!, um yours would be......... Pizza?", "yeah!" he laughed.

"Now im gonna put this brown stuff on your face" he pumped huge dots of foundation all over your face, He picked up a brush and smeared it into the foundation. Your mouth dropped open as he rubbed it into your face, "what" he smiled and reached over the other side of your face breathing closely on your cheeks, "nothing" you rolled you eyes and tried not to laugh. Next he picked up the bronzer, he scooped up the powder and smeared it all over your cheeks. You looked at yourself though the laptop, "i look like ive been either punched in the face 10 zillion times or i live in a mud pool" you covered your mouth laughing, "oh my god" jai giggled. "Next question, what is your parents opinion on you dating each other?", You answered first, "My parents really love jai" you smiled at him. "Me and (Y/N) have been friends ever since we were little, we've really grown up being around each others families, my mum loves (Y/N) to death" jai giggled while still applying your "make-up". "And i love her too" you smiled into the camera, "not as much as you love me though" jai smirked looking down, "weeeeelll" you teased. "what" he pouted, "im just kidding babe, i love you more than anything" you laughed kissing him on the cheek. "better!" he laughed.

"Okay i think im all done" jai smiled putting down the makeup. "Thank god" you sighed. You looked into the mirror you had next to you. "oh, my ,god" you put your hand over your mouth hysterically laughing laying down on the bed. "You look good" jai joined in laughing looking into the webcam. "really, You'd want me to be seen in public like this" you said still laughing, "yeeeeaaaahh, maybe not so much" jai said looking at what he did to you laughing. "Well, thanks for watching guys, next video will be of (Y/N) doing my make up and making me look beautiful" he said flipping his hair , "okay so like this if you want to see her do my makeup" jai put thumbs up, "bye guys" you both waved and blew kisses to the camera.

A/N: Hope you guys liked it! :D

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