Your Pov:

You and jai have just boarded the plane, luckily theres not many people. The plane starts the speed along the runway, your grip Jai's hand as you both have massive grins on face as the planes wheels lift off the ground.


After the plane is at a stable position you can feel your breath come back, "gonna be a long flight" jai breathes out resting his head on the head rest. "Yeah" you sigh putting your head on his shoulder holding his arm. Its about 3pm, the plane doesn't land till 9pm. You and jai decide to get some rest. You feel your eyes start to get heavy and you get comfy on Jai's arm............


-2 hours Later-

Slowly opening your eyes you squint around, the window on your side catches your eye the sunset through the clouds, late afternoon sun. All of a sudden you feel the same feeling as before in the pit of your stomach. You look over to jai next to you who is still fast asleep, clenching your mouth with your hand you quickly unbuckle your seat belt running to the back of the plane near the bathroom. Luckily it was vacant, you rip the door open then shutting it behind you, instantly falling to your knees you hold onto the side of the toilet.

It feels like its never ending, just when you think its over your stomach turns once again and you find yourself above the toilet. After a while you stand up slowly, washing your mouth out with the tap water and wiping it. You stare at yourself in the mirror, you're just hoping its food poisoning, and not something, else.

Slowly opening the door you walk back down the dim aisle. You find jai just waking up in his seat, "babe, you okay?" He asks groggily rubbing his eyes as you step over him to your seat.

You take a deep breath looking blankly at the seat in front of you. "Babe?" Jai asks a bit more worried sitting up in his seat, "yeah, yeah I'm fine" you say snapping out of it and trying to give him a smile. "No you're not" he says shaking his head.

"I-i threw up again" you say slowly looking up at him. "Thats it, when we get to L.A you're going to the doctors" he says wrapping his arm around you, pulling you into his chest.

You try your best to be happy with jai looking after you, but you cant help but think of all the possibilities.

-3 hours Later-

The planes just landed and you're walking through baggage claim, as you see your bags go round jai grabs them off. "Jai jai jai!!!" You hear yells through the airport, you're met by a group of girls holding out phones and notepads for jai. Still standing by him, he takes photos with the girls. "Are you guys still together?" A girl asks confused, "i thought you guys broke up" another one adds. "No we didn't, were just going through some stuff at the moment" jai smiles grabbing your hand.

"Nice to meet you guys" jai waves back at them as you exit the airport.

Getting into the taxi you look out the window as all the airport lights pass you by. "Whatcha thinking about?" Jai asks raising an eyebrow. "Nothing, just a bit tired" you smile, he nods his head and you find yourself looking back out the window.

Honestly, you're thinking about a million things. L.A, how fans would react to you being back, how the boys would react, whats this mean for you and jai, but most importantly. Why you're sick.



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