Your Pov:

Most of the drive you were both quiet. You cause sense the nervousness in the air. As you look at jai out the vorner of your eye hes gripping the steering wheel tight biting his lip as he concentrates on the road, but you can tell hes just as scared
You arrive at the doctors office as you park out front you and jai hop out grabbing your bag by your feet. You see jai take a deep breath as he beeps the alarm, walking over and putting his arm around your shoulder.
"(Y/N) (Y/L/N), my boyfriend made an appointment for today" you say to the lady at the desk.
"Okay" she smiles. "Ill just get you to fill out this form and a doctor will be right with you" she smiles passing you a pen and clip board. You and jai walk over to the waiting area, placing your bag by your feet you start to fill out the form eith jai sitting next to you. The questions are pretty basic, allergys, age, name and symptoms.
"You know the scary thing" you say quietly looking up at jai, "what?" He says with his arm on the back of your chair. "I have all most all of the symptoms listed" you say scared. "Babe its gonna be okay, were gonna figure out whats going on with you okay" he says rubbing your back. You relentlessly finish filling out the form as a doctor in a long white coat walks into the reception with a board.
"(Y/N) (Y/L/N)?" He says looking up fron the board. "Yeap" you say getting up fron the chair and grabbing your bag off the ground. "Follow me" he smiles. Jai grabs your hand by your sife as you start to walk as he smiles down at you.

"What can i help you with today?" He asks wheeling himself towards his desk on his chair. "Um i havent been feeling too good these past couple of days, just really nuesous" you reply as he starts to type fown your notes, "fever?". "Um..." You look to jai, "..... No i dont think so just neusea".

"Is there any chance you could be pregnant?" He asks looking over at you. You thought about the possibility but just hearing those words out loud really scared you and struck a nerve. As you looked up at jai he looked just the same. "Um -i-i-i" you stuttered. "I haven't done a test or anything" you say nervously.

"Okay well, i think its best we do a test, so you know for sure. Ill be back in a sec okay" he smiles walking out of his exam room. Immediately when he leaves the room your head drops and your elbows are balanced on your thighs holding your head up. "Its okay" jai whispers running his hand softly up and down your back.

"What if im pregnant jai! What are we supposed to do then" you blurt out looking up at him eith glassy eyes. "Hey" he says putting his hand on your cheek. "We havent done the test yet, we dont rven know for sure". "Yeah but what if i am" you whisper as a small tear escapes your eye.

"If you are. Ill be there for you every step of the way, no matter ehat happens, Okay?" He says looking closly at your eyes. "Okay...." The doctor walks in looking down at the equipment he has in his hands. "Everything okay here" he says when he looks up to see you upset. "Yeah" you say quickly wiping your face. "Its completly normal to be worried" he says sitting next to you. "It will be over before you know it okay" he smiles. You nod your head as he stands up walking over to his desk. He has a plastic container of things. He pulls out a needle and flicks it with his finger. Your eyes widen as you see the needle. "Im just gonna do a blood test okay (Y/N)" the doctor says laying your arm out.

He puts pressure on your arm so he can see the nerve. You grab Jai's hand on his lap and squeeze it tight as he puts the needle in.

Its over in a matter of time and you open your eyes as he puts a bandage on your arm. "Okay the results will take a few minutes to process, and ill be back with you okay" he says picking up the container.

You and jai both nod your head as he walks out of the room.

Theres silence for a moment. "Jai im scared" you say looking up at him breaking the silence. He takes a deep breath, "i know babe" he says pulling your head into his chest and still holding your hand tight on his lap.

-5 minutes later-

It feels like you've been waiting forever as your leg taps uncontrollably.

The door handle turns as the doctor walks back in. You feel your head shoot up as he sits back at his chair. "So we got your results". "And?" You ask nervously.

"..... You're not pregnant" he replies. Jai lets out a deep breath and so do you as his head is rested against the wall.

"But there is something going with your uterus" he says regrettably.

"W-h-a-a-t do you mean" you stutter. "It seems as though you have an infection of some sort".

You heart drops to the ground. "Is she gonna be okay" jai asks, nervously leaning forward........

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