Your Pov:

You woke up to the sun coming through the curtains in Ronis lounge. You stretched your arms and yawned looking around confused about where you were for a few moments. And then you remebered everthing that happened.

You sat up with the blanket still covering you, and your legs crossed to one side. "Morning" Veronica smiled coming into the room. "Morning" You yawned covering your shoulders with the blanket. "How you feeling?" She asked cautiously sitting down next to you. "Not great". She looked at you feeling sorry for you, "Oh um, James called me this morning, The boys and mariam are gonna come pick us up for breakfast" She said trying to take your mind off thinking about it. "The boys?" You said worried. "Dont worry hes not gonna be there" She said rubbing your arm. "I couldnt stop thinking about him last night roni" You said looking down at the blanket covering your body. "Im sure he couldnt stop thinking about you either" She replied.

"Even though this has all happened , im never gonna love someone like i love jai, i just wish last night never happened", "Hey, we cant take back yesterday, You just have to live for today" Roni smiled. "Why are you being so cheesy" You burst into laughter. "hey! im just tryna help a sister out!" she laughed hitting you. "Now go have a shower, i give you some clothes" She smiled getting up from the couch and walking to the closet.

Jais Pov:

I couldnt sleep at all last night. All i could think about was were she was, if she was safe, If she still loved me. I sat out on the balcony in our room in the outdoor chairs from 11 last night till 7 this morning. Watching the sunrise over the Hills. Everything here reminded me of (Y/N), I couldnt go anywhere in this house without seeing her face, i felt like i was going crazy.

You were slouched in the outdoor chairs without a shirt on and the same jeans from last night on, letting the sun rise hit your skin. You heard the front door slam, but you were too emotionally drained to even bother moving from were you were.

Your Pov:

You finished in the shower and dried off with the white fluffy towel. After you finished drying yourself off you got changed into (This) . You walked out into the lounge, "Ready?" Roni smiled grabbing her bag. "Yeap".

You made your way down the elevator, and saw the boys waiting outside in the car on their phones. "Morning" You gave them a small smile getting in the car, aswell as roni. "How you feeling?" Luke asked over the seat behind you, putting his hand on your shoulder. You shrugged and tried to give him a small smile. "Breakfast will be fun, so hopefully it'll take your mind off everything" James smiled in the rear view mirror as he started the car.



You made it to 'Toast' and sat down at the table with everyone. Your food came to the table. Everyone dug in, but you just picked at your pancakes with your fork. "Everything okay (Y/N)?" mariam said worried looking over at you picking at your food and not eating......

Hope you enjoyed it And Thankyou so much for 1K reads

(When they were in the car with the boys i accidentally made 'jai' ask if you were okay, but it was meant to be Luke, sorry i made a mistake , i just changed it

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