("Roni" is Veronica by the way lol)

Your Pov:

You walked veronicas apartment, and she shut the door behind you both. "Sit down, ill make us a hot chocolate" she said smiling and letting go of your shoulder walking through to the kitchen. You slumped onto the black leather couch and pulled the knitted blanket that was on it over your legs. You and Roni have always been best friends, You used to see each other all the time when she lived in australia. But since she moved to L.A you've only seen her a couple of times, she came to live here for her singing career.

As you tilted your head looking around the room sitting on the couch with your legs up, She came back in the room with two mugs of hot chocolate. "Thanks" You smiled grabbing the mug and wrapping your hands around it. "Tell me what happened" She said looking apologetic having a seat next to you putting her legs up too. Just the thought of what would have happened if you weren't there tonight made you sick.

"The whole night, He was talking with this girl Kylie and not once did he look over at me" You said looking down at the steam rising from your mug, "Wait, Kylie, like Kylie Jenner?!?!" She said in shock. "Roni!". "Okay sorry!" She smiled giggling under her breath. "the minute we got there, She was all over him, and he didn't even try to stop it" You said still looking at your mug, You could feel the tears building up yet again. She reached over rubbed your arm giving you a sorry look. "I even tried making him jealous, He didn't even notice", "You know the worst part is, He doesn't even realize that he was doing anything wrong, I had to sit there all night watching them flirt, And her whispering in his ear, touching him, giggling!" You said increasing your voice and letting tears fall onto the blanket. "oh (Y/N) im so sorry" Roni said getting a bit teary rubbing your arm.

"Roni, i don't think i can do it anymore" You sobbed. "What do you mean". "Everyday i have to worry about what people are gonna think or say about me, im constantly being told jai can do so much better, so you know what, maybe he can" You cried even more, placing the mug on the coffee table and putting your head in your hands. "Don't you ever say that (Y/N)! anyone would be lucky to have you! People are always going to judge. But you just have to show them that it doesn't effect you and be strong" Roni said smiling at you letting a tear fall from her eyes. "Maybe im sick of being 'strong' roni, I just wanna go home" You said looking up at her. She pulled you into a hug across the couch, "You're not going anywhere, me, gina, Mariam, ronnie and the boys are here for you, Okay" She said hugging you. "Just sleep on it tonight and we'll see what happens tomorrow okay" she smiled letting go and facing you. You nodded.

"ill see you in the morning" She smiled getting up from the couch and walking towards her bedroom. You got up to turn off the light and got underneath the warm grey blanket on the couch, laying your head on the pillow.

Jais Pov:

You got home about 20 minutes ago. Its 11:30pm now. Youre sitting outside on the outdoor chairs by the poolby yourself as the boys are still out and everyone else is in bed. Looking at the moon reflecting off the pool water. You hear the front door open but you just keep your eyes locked on the water with a black expression slouched in your chair. The boys come outside, You turn to face them getting up from your chair. "How could you do this to her jai" Luke said looking at you with disgust. "Do what! What the fuck did i do!" You yelled. "jai, You were flirting with her all night" Daniel said looking at you straight in the eye. "who!" , "Kylie" james said looking at the ground. You didnt know what to say, not in a million years would you ever think to do that to (Y/N). "The worst part is that not once did you see how (Y/N) was, You were just with the 2 girls the whole night." Beau said getting angrier. "I wasnt fucking flirting! She was flirting with me!" You screamed. "Hey whats going on out here" Mum said coming into the doorway rubbing her eyes. "Boys go upstairs" You said making them go inside. "Mum i didnt do anything" You said trying to hold back the tears. "i love her" You whispered. "I know you do babe" She said wiping your face.

"Where is she?" You said trying to stay calm. "jai -", "mum just tell me".

"Shes alright jai, i promise. We'll talk about it tomorrow, okay" She said wrapping her arm around you and taking you inside.



You walked up the stairs looking at the ground the whole way. You opened the door and looked around. Empty. You felt the tears start the fall from your eyes as you walked over to the end of the bed knowing that (Y/N) wasnt there. You fell onto the end of the bed and leant over with your head in your hands. The room was pitch black. "what the fuck have i done" You whispered letting a flow of tears from your eyes......


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