Your Pov:

After going inside you had a quick shower washing your hair too. You brushed through it with a comb and threw this on

Since you were only gonna help the boys set up not stay for the party. Once you were finished getting dressed you sprayed on some perfume and made you way down the stairs.



Making it to the bottom of the stairs you see the boys setting out red cups and alcohol on the kitchen bench. Its about 8:40pm

"What do you guys want me to do?" You ask leaning against the counter. "Ahhh you could finish setting out the cups?" Beau replied. "Sure" you smile taking the pack from him. "Sweet we'll go set the stereo up outside" James says with beau, Luke and skip following behind him. You see jai not follow them walking towards you giving you a worried look. "What now" you sigh looking to him.

"(Y/N) you should be taking it easy" he says sternly. "Jai, I'm not paralysed. And I'm putting cups on the bench not running a marathon. Im pretty sure ill be okay" you laugh putting your hand on his shoulder. He frowns his eyebrows together. "Thats not my point, i want you to take care of yourself" he whines pulling you against him with his arms around your waist. "I know, and i appreciate it, but I'm fine, you gotta trust me" you reply rubbing the back of his neck. "Okay?" You ask smiling at him, he rolls his eyes. "Go help the boys im fine" you smile kissing his cheek. He reluctantly walks out to the pool.

You continue to put the cups out and fills bowls of chips.


Its half an hour into the party and theres people everywhere. Most of the girls here are already wreaked and all over the place. The musics blasting and the colourful light strobe of the walls and ceilings. Theres alcohol everywhere and people spread out all over the place down stairs talking loud over the music. You're standing next to jai as he's talking to maz. While they're in the middle of their convo you look around, you just cant bring yourself to stay any longer, or to see these girls throwing themselves over every boy in sight anymore. "Jai" you say loud enough over the music breaking him out of the convo. "Im gonna head upstairs" you say pointing behind you. "Are you okay" he asks. "Im fine, just tired" you smile kissing his cheek. "Night maz" you smile hugging him.

Jai's Pov:

I see (Y/N) walk towards the door making her way through the crowd of people. I cant help but worry about her. "She okay bro?" Maz asks pulling his beer away from his mouth. "Uh, yeah, just going through a lot at the moment" i reply with my eyes still glued on the door. "Everything okay?" He says crocking his eye brows. "Yeah, uh, long story".

Your Pov:

I push my way through the amounts of people. Walking down the hallway i see girls making out with boys up against the wall and i feel like almost puking. James and the boys are standing with a couple girls as i make my way past them hurrying up the stairs. The i feel someone grab my arm as i almost reach the top. I turn around in shock. And see James "are you alright?". "Im just tired" you say giving him a small smile. He nods his head a bit curious. "Night" he smiles waiting for you to walk to jais room.


You're sitting in Jai's bed flicking through the channels in the dark room with the blankets covering you. You tired going to sleep, but theres no point in even trying. As you flick to the next channel you see the door slowly crack open. "Hey" jai whispers popping his head round the door. "Hey" you smile sleepily sitting up a little. He walks in the room shutting the door with his beer still in his hand. "I thought you'd be asleep by now" he says placing the bottle on the bedside and sitting down next to you. "I tried" you laugh a little. "Babe I'm sorry", "its fine they should be able to have fun, its not even that late......." You say looking over at the clock. "Oh" you whisper as the clock reads 2:35am. He raises on eye brow at you.

"Would you stop worrying, you starting to act like my dad" you say hitting his chest. "No, i just love you thats all".

You roll your eyes laughing at him. "Aren't YOU tired?" You laugh. "Now you say it, yeah" he laughs laying down in the bed next to you on top of the covers. "Jai you're still dressed" you say as he lays on the bed with his jeans hoodie and boots still on. "I don't fucking care I'm tired" he laughs with his eyes shut on the pillow.

After a moment of silence, he opens his eyes looking at you. "Did you take your medicine". "Jai" you say sternly. "Okay sorry" he says throwing his hands up.

You flick off the tv and get in next to him. The musics still blasting downstairs, but you feel more comfortable with him by your side now.

"Night jai" you smile kissing the top of his head. "Night" he mumbles into the pillow practically asleep already as you snuggle up to him............


Disclaimer: I'm not saying the boys are like how i described them in this party scene, cause i don't know. I just did it purely for the story not my opinion or anything x

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