Your Pov:

You all made your way to the doors of the premiere. Security guards in black tux's with headsets on opened the doors for you all. You all turned around to give one last wave to the screaming fans before walking in. As soon as you got through the doors, you saw the velvet red seats filling the whole arena like room, Lights lining the steps leading to the seats and the huge screen at the front. "This is amazing" you whispered to Mariam. "i know, i didn't think it would be this big" she said with her mouth wide open. You were all standing at the back of the room near the cocktail tables as it wasn't time to go in yet. Celebrities and other star were coming into the building and waiting at the tables too. You were all talking in a group sipping your drinks when you saw to girls coming out of the distance towards you all. Kylie and Pia.

"Hey boys" Kylie yelled running towards them kissing them on the cheeks, a bit too friendly. They said hello to all of them, But you couldn't help but notice that kylie seemed to stay near jai the most. You were standing next to Mariam and gina near the end of where the boys were standing. "oh yeah, Kylie, Pia, this is (Y/N), my girlfriend" Jai smiled bringing them towards you. They both looked you up and down and smiled, Fake most likely. You weren't the type of person to be rude, "Hi nice to meet you" You smiled holding your Champagne glass in the other hand. They smiled back and turned around to talk to the boys. As you and gina continued to talk you couldn't help but notice Kylie was still taking a liking to jai, "We have to hang out more jai!" she smiled brushing her hand up his arm. "Yeah that would be cool, You guys should sit with us tonight" he smiled back at her. When you heard this conversation your heart broke a little. Its usually jai being the jealous one. But now, you couldn't help but feel it.

You tried to detract your attention from them, "is it just me or am i being treated like air" You whispered to gina and Mariam standing in front of you. They both turned around to look at jai and kylie. "She does seem to be acting quite......... friendly?" Mariam said awkwardly. You sighed looking at the ground and taking another sip of your drink.

Jais Pov:

Since we got inside ive been spending most of the time taking to Kylie, Every now and then when i glimpse over at (Y/N) she doesn't look like she's having a good time. "babe come over here" you smile, signing for (Y/N) to come and talk. "im alright" she gives a small smile looking away and talking a sip from her glass. I don't even know what's going on with her.

As we were in mid- conversation, we hear the speaker saying we can take our seats. The group starts walking. I walk over to (Y/N) Mariam, mum and ronnie, As you try to take (Y/N) hand by her side, she pulls away. You notice Pia and Kylie walking with the boys about to sit with us. "what's wrong" you say sternly. "not now jai" she snaps back in a whisper. Mum and Mariam look at you both. "yes now, i wanna talk about what's going on, why are you acting weird all of a sudden", "well i don't jai, so just drop it okay" she whispers back stopping and facing you trying her best to stay calm. You feel confused and angry that you don't even know how this has happened.

As you all walk down the black carpeted stairs, You find the seats with your names on, The boys walk down the aisle first, Beau, Daniel, Luke, Then Pia, Kylie, You, (Y/N), Mum, Mariam, ronnie and james on the very end of the row next to ronnie. "This is gonna be so good" Kylie whispers close to your ear, You give her a small smile back and see (Y/N) face drop out the corner of your eye. You try to make eye contact with her, but as soon as she catches you looking at her, she starts a conversation with mum.

You still have no idea what has gotten her into this mood, But hopefully tonight goes well, Hopefully......

A/N: The drama is starting haha

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