Your Pov:

Its 9:30pm You made it to the end of the whindy street pulling into the boys' driveway. As the car stopped the driver opened the door for you and jai to get out. You grabbed your handbag off the chair grabbing the drivers hand as he helped you out and jai sliding out after you grabbing his backpack.

The driver went to the boot pulling out your suitcases, "thank you" you smiled at the taxi driver as jai passed him the money, he drove out of the driveway. You and jai took a deep breath smiling at each other as you started to roll your suitcases towards the front door.

"Ready?" Jai asked with his hand on the door knob and a massive grin on his face, "yes come on!" You said excitedly.

He turned the handle in one fast movement bursting through the door. "Cunts im home!!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, as you both waited with massive smiles on your faces to be tackled.

Immediately you her stampedes coming down the stairs. As soon as the boys set eyes on your both they darted towards you screaming. "Shit!" Daniel screamed running after them. They squished you and jai in the middle as they crowded around you guys in a group hug, "aw i missed you guys so much!" You smiled attempting to hug them all, "fuck it was do boring without you guys" beau grinned hugging you both. "Aw beau" you laughed.

Then you heard a girls voice come into the room, "is that who i think it is" you saw Mariam grinning coming into the room.

"Ahhhhh!!" You screamed running towards her, as she did to colliding into a hug. "I missed you!!" You screamed hugging you tight as you both jumped up and down. "How have you been!" You smiled holding each others arms, "good" she smiled as you both calmed down, a little. "Wheres ronnie?" You asked. "Hes in the kitchen" she smiled pulling you through, as all the boys folled behind pulling the bags in and shutting the front door.

"Ronnie!" You smiled running towards him as he turned around from the counter. "Omgod (Y/N)" he smiled hugging you back. "How are you". "Im better" you smiled as jai came over, "hey bro" jai smiled hugging him. Jai came over to the counter where you were. "So you love birds all good now?" Ronnie laughed taking a sip of his coffee, you looked up at jai smiling, "yeah, we are" he smiled wrapping his arm around your shoulder, "ah fuck not again" daniel moaned covering his eyes. "Leave them alone" mariam laughed hitting skip.


You stayed up for a while talking to them. A yawn escaped your mouth as you all sat in the lounge watching tv. Jai looked over at you. "Bed?". You looked up at him sleepily nodding your head. "Were gonna head off to bed, night guys" jai said helping you up from the couch. "Night" you waved.

Jai carried the suitcases up stairs as you walked in front of him.

As he seat the suitcases on the ground you pulled out your pjs

After putting them on you collapsed on the bed. Jai was shirtless with low riding trackies falling next to on the bed. "How you feeling?" He asked nervously turning his head to you.

"Honestly?" You said quietly turning to look at him, and he nodded his head nervously awaiting your answer.

"The same, my stomach feels like its in nots, i cant keep anything down" you say starting to get glassy eyes.

"Aw babe" jai whispered pulling you onto his chest.

Jais Pov:

"We'll go ti the doctors, everything's gonna be okay" i whisper kissing the top if her head. I dint think i can really say this, cause i don't know whats wrong with her.

Were hoping its just food poisoning, but id be lieing if the thought hadn't run through my mind, 'she couldn't be pregnant. Could she?' I thought, my heart started doing backflips..............



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