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Jais Pov: (Continued)

You felt the blood boiling in your veins."Just let me see her, please" You said looking at them both trying to hold back your emotions. "Hun, she doesn't need that right now, She just needs some space" Mum said rubbing your arm. "Mum i need to know she's alright, please just let me see her!" You said fighting back tears and trying to get past them both. "jai, it'll just make things worse,She's fine Mariam and the boys are with her" mum said trying to calm you down. "Come on lets go, ill take you guys home" Ronnie said patting you on the back. You 3 started to walk towards the doors. "Jai where are you going!" Kylie and Pia yelled out. "He has to go" Ronnie yelled back. "We'll come" They said running up trying to grab you. "No." Mum said sternly making them stop. "I'll see you guys around" You said awkwardly continuing to make your way out the back.

Your Pov:

You and Mariam were walking to the front. There was no other way but to go past the carpet. As you got closer you realized the fans were still there. "I cant the paparazzi and the fans will know i was crying" You said looking up at Mariam. "Just hold your head high (Y/N), Once we get past there the car is waiting" Mariam said rubbing your shoulder. You took a deep breath as you approached the carpet. "(Y/N), Mariam wait up!" You heard behind you. "What are you guys doing out here, You should be inside" You said feeling guilty. "You leave, we leave" Luke smiled hugging you. "I never should of come, i ruined this whole night for you guys". "(Y/N) stop, you didn't do anything wrong, it was jais fault, not yours, okay" Beau said grabbing your shoulders and looking down at you. "Lets go, james is waiting in the car with the driver" Daniel said starting to walk. "Just take a deep breath" Mariam said. You did. You started to walk across the carpet as a group. It was good the boys were there too so not much attention would be focused on just you. The fans screamed and yelled as you all walked across the carpet.

You made your way to the end and took in a deep breath. *Beep Beep*, you heard as the driver pulled up with james in the front too. You all piled into the van. The boys were in the back and you and mariam were in the second row to the front. "I ruined you're night too, Im so sorry mariam", "(Y/N), You didn't ruin anything, Im here for you always okay" She said hugging you.

"Thank you" You gave her a small smile and hugged her back.

The driver started to pull away from the carpet and onto the road.



After about 10 minutes you made it to veronicas house. She's been one of your best friends since she's been going out with james, its good to have her around cause she knows what its like having a boy friend thats from the same group. The driver stop the car outside the apartment. "I'll take you up" james said unbuckling his seat belt. "Do you want me to come with you?" Mariam asked. "No I'm alright, you get home to ronnie" You smiled. "Ill call you tomorrow okay" She said pulling you into a hug. "Okay". "Bye boys" You said getting out, "Night (Y/N), we'll come and see you tomorrow" Luke yelled as you started to shut the sliding door.

You and james got in the elevator and got to veronicas floor. *Knock Knock Knock*, "Coming!" You heard her say coming towards the door. "Hey (Y/N)" She said hugging you. "Hey babe" james said giving her a kiss. "Hey". "You okay james called me and said what happened" She said looking sad. "I'll tell you about it inside" You said looking at the ground. "Okay, i better get back to the car, i'll see you guys tomorrow" James said giving Veronica a kiss, and you a hug. "Night" You waved as he got in the elevator.

"Come on, you can tell me what happened now" Roni said putting her arm around your shoulder and shutting the door behind you both.....................

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