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Your Pov:

Every person that got their ticket scanned in front of you made you get more and more anxious as you got closer.
You finally reached the front of the line, You passes your boarding pass to the lady and she scanned it, "Enjoy your flight" she smiled passing back your ticket. You gave her a small smile and walked into the tunnel.



As you walked through the tunnel with the other passengers, You reached the end and saw the flight attendants at the plane door waiting. You passed her your ticket and she red the numbers to show you to your seat "okay miss, You're in section B" down this way" she smiled. "Thank you".

Jeremy managed to get you into business class for some reason. I think the boys may have talked to him, making sure you would be comfortable or something.

You held your ticket tight in your hand looking at it and then at the numbers above the seats.

You found your seat, placing your carry on in the over head compartment you sat down in the big black leather chair getting the window seat.

As you put your handbag on your lap you pulled out your iPhone 5 and headphones plugging them in and putting them in your ears.

As you flicked through your playlist, of course it managed to land on the boys' song. You felt a wave of emotions flow over you as you saw all their faces. You took a deep breath and pressed next. You put on some calm music as you felt the plane engine start up and you closed your eyes as you saw the runway passing you by.

Jais Pov:

"If you're sure jai" Daniel said.
"I am" you said giving them all a smile.
"Okay we'll let Jeremy know" Luke said patting you on the back as they all walked out of your room shutting the door behind them.

You took a deep breath resting your hands on your suitcase. You got a few more clothes out of the dresser and stuffed them in.

"I guess this is it" you whispered to yourself zipping up your suitcase And taking a deep breath


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