Jais Pov:

The drive wasn't that long to Glenroy. The whole drive thoughts were racing through my mind at a million miles, i tried taking mu mind off things by going on twitter, but peoples cautiously about why i am in Australia and whats going on with me and (Y/N) didn't help the nervousness.

Your Pov:

Its almost 2am you're still propped up in your bed watching tv. As you feel your eyes start to close on you, the tv eluminated the room again and you shoot your eyes open. " ugh" you say throwing the covers off you and walking towards the balcony doors. You have on your pjs http://weheartit.com/entry/90461291/via/jhulyzaneti and a black dressing gown like Cardi that is just below your knee, it quiete a hot night so you leave the doors open as you step onto the cool concrete. Walking iver to the rail holding onto it tight as you breathe in the fresh salty sea air hitting you. The sun is just peaking a little ober the hills far away from your house, but only a little.

You hold onto the rail looking out into the view.

Jai's Pov:

About 10 minutes later i pulled into the street, my heart starting beating faster faster every house i passed. Then i saw the roof at the end of the street, a nervous smile spread across my face as we pulled up outside. The driver got out first opening my door then walking around to the boot to get my suitcase out.

As i got out reaching across the seat to grab my back pack putting it on and placing my phone back in my back pocket of my jean. "Thank you" i said shaking the drivers hand and taking my suitcase from him.

As he pulled away from the curb i started walking up the driveway, as i made it to the front porch, quietly stepping up on it the porch squeaked and the sensor light turned on

Taking a deep breath i inched my fist towards the door........

Your Pov:

Standing on the balcony the sun started to rise little by little, you could hear the waves crashing down on the beach

As you shut your eyes taking in the sea air and the soft breeze a knock down stairs broke you out of your serenity.

You almost jumped out of the chair as you heard the knock on the door downstairs.

You heart started to beat fast as you thought about who could be at the front door at 2 in the morning. Cautiously you started to make your way downstairs

Jai's Pov:

I nervously stood at the door waiting for someone to come down, all i could think was hoping it wasn't (Y/N) dad with a baseball bat

Through the darkness of the tinted glass i saw a figure make their way cautiously down the stairs, the the light in the hallway switched on, my heart almost hit the floor. As the figure came closer to the door mu heart started beating like thunder, felt like i was in slow motion and it was taking forever for them to reach the handle

You took a deep breath, slowly the handle turned and you saw a face scared pop around it through the bright hallway light. (Y/N)

Your Pov:

Jai. I froze. As soon as you looked around the door you saw his face. Neither of you spoke, just looked in shock. "Jai" you whisper in shock as he looks up at you like he hasn't seen you in years......



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