Your Pov:
A light flicked on in the hallway as you saw a figure walking towards the door. You took a deep breath as the figure approached the handle.
The door slowly cracked open as you saw your mum pop her head out still tying up her dressing gown. Immediately when you saw her all the emotions hit you at once. Being away from her and everyone else, and of course, the reason why you're back here.
"Sweet heart what are you doing here!?" She said in shock steeping out the door and pulling you into a tight hug. "I had to come home" you whispered as a tear left your eye. She let go of you when she heard the hurt in your voice. "(Y/N) what happened" she said pushing a piece of hair behind your ear. "Can we talk about it inside?" You asked looking down at your feet.
"Of course come on" she said placing her hand on your back as you walked in before her and she rolled your suitcases in the entrance.
"Go sit down on the couch ill bring in some tea" she said as you set your bag down next to your suitcases.
You walked down the long wooden floor boards wrapping your hands tightly into the cuffs of your cardigan.
You got to the plump creme couch slouching into it and wrapping the blanket that was on it around you. As you sat in the dimmed room waiting for your mum to come back in.
She walked into the room in her long silk dressing gown with 2 cups of tea in her hand. "Thanks" you whispered taking the mug from her.
"So how come your back, not to sound like I'm not happy about it, cause i am" she smiled unaware of the real reason why you're back.
"Just a lot of stuff has happened this week" you said letting a tear fall from your eye as your finger circled the rim of your mug. "I just couldn't do it anymore" you said looking up at your mum with glassy eyes. "Oh sweet heart" she said placing her hand on yours. "Like what", you took a deep breath.
"Me and jai are going through a hard time at the moment" you whispered.
"Aw thats not good" she sighed feeling bad for you.
"You cant run away from your problems forever though darling" she said trying to get you to look at her.
"I know" you said looking up at her with tears rolling from your eyes as you wiped them with your Cardi.
"You better get to bed, you've probably had a long day" she said
"Yeah i have"
"Night mum" you whispered hugging her and she hugged you back tightly.
"Night darling" she replied as you walked out of the room.
You walked up the carpeted stairs and down the long hallway. Your dad and siblings were most likely sleeping so you decided to just head for bed. You slowly turned the handle on your door.
As soon as you opened it it felt like home again. You had a small smile through the tears as you saw everything in there that reminded you of home.
You went into your closet putting on a white singlet and short pj shorts before getting into your bed.
I felt good to be back in your own bed, but didn't seem right not having jai next to you.
You let out a last tear as you thought about him as you lay your head down on the soft pillow.

Jai's Pov:
You had changed into some grey baggy sweats and was just shirtless as it was pretty hot tonight. As you walked towards the dresser there was a picture left of you and (Y/N) kissing at a family party in Australia from this year. Luke had taken the picture, you were standing beside the blue shed in the back yard. (Y/N) had her arms around your waist and you had your tight around her neck as you kissed her on the head and she smiled, you could see family in the background but it had always been your favourite picture of you both.
You gave a small smile as you saw her smiling, brushing your thumb over her face.
You walked towards the balcony in the room with the picture in your hands still. Its about 10:30 pm but you can still see the sun faintly over the hills. You sat down in one if the chairs still holding the photo in your hands. Sitting out here always reminded you of (Y/N) when you used to watch the sunset together. You felt your self getting emotional as you held the picture in your hands still brushing your thumb over her face. All you could think about was hopefully you'll actually be able to do that for real again ,soon........

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