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Your Pov:

You slowly opened your eyes as the afternoon sun shined on your face.

Rubbing your eyes you slowly sat up against the head board. You looked over to the clock on your bedside '4:46Pm' it red. You threw the covers off you as you thought you'd better do at least something productive today. You wrapped your Cardi tight around you as you walked down the stairs.

"Mum? Dad?" You said as you reached the bottom of the stairs. Silence. Guess they were still out. You sighed to yourself falling on the plump couch as you thought about what do do

Jai's pov:

You'd been flying for a good 3.5 hours now. You've slept most of the time, but its still hard to sleep with everything thats on your mind.

Your headphones were bursting out your music as you looked out the window as you flew over the pacific. As much as you tried to keep your mind off (Y/N), its become impossible.

Being away from her for the little amount of time, and how much you miss her already, is making you realise that shes the one, if not more now.

The seatbelt light went off and you unbuckled your belt walking towards the bathroom. Shutting the door behind you, you leant up against the wall pulling your phone out of your pocket and dialled James' number. You and (Y/N) always go to him to talk. He's honest with you both and not bias about either of you

After about 3 tones he picked up.

"Hey bro, you there already!?" He said surprised

"Nah still flying" you sighed

"Everything good?"

"Ye----, i don't know anymore to be honest, I'm starting to second guess myself now i think" you said holding the phone up to your ear as you looked at your feet with your other hand loosely in your pocket.

"Aye why?"

"Maybe you guys are right, this could push her further away from me, and then ill lose her forever" you said saying the last part quietly

"Jai, we only said that cause we wanted to be sure that YOU were confident about what you were doing, whats changed now?" James asked

"Nothing, if anything i feel even stronger for her, but i cant lose her James, i just cant, i don't know what id do"

"Jai of course shes gonna be shocked when she sees you on her front porch, and she might even tell you to go away-----"

"Not helping James!"

James laughed, "......but you know that girl loves you more than anything in this world, even after everything thats happened, she even said it in the letter remember"

"I guess you're right"

"you'll be fine bro"

You saw the seatbelt light turn back on above the door. "Sorry i have to go, thanks James" you smiled, "anytime jai" he laughed down the line. You pressed. 'End' opening the bathroom door and walking back to your seat.

Your Pov:

You sat on the couch for a while just staring at the ceiling. Finally you pulled yourself up, slipping on your jandals that were by the door.

You walked out the front door closing it behind you as you walked out the driveway starting your walk.




The late afternoon Melbourne sun egnighted the orange sky. You slowly walked around the suburb with your arms wrapped tight around your body. Then you reached the park.

You slowly turned to face it. The place where the boys spent most of there time filming videos, but most importantly, you and jai.

You slowly walked over to the swings as you felt all the memories flooding back to you. Sitting down on the swing you wrapped your hands tight around the chains as you slowly rocked your feet dragging the bark slowly across the ground.

So many times you and jai could just come her and talk. About anything, problems ,issues, anything. Just being back here made you feel like he was right next you again. Just that hopeless simple Melbourne boy holding your hand again.

A tear fell to the bark as you thought about the times you'd spent together.

You slowly stood up from the swing. You cant keep doing this you thought to yourself, you cant keep crying over someone that has hurt you so bad.

But It doesn't make it any easier that that person is someone that you love with every being in your body


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