I miss you. Part #14

Your Pov:

After that long day you couldnt wait to relax, Mariam pulled into the driveway and you all got out, you walked up to the front door and turned the handle........

"What" you whispered to yourself, Your eyes connected to the rose petals and candles scattered along the entry way making a pathway leading to somewhere. You looked back in shock at Mariam and gina not knowing what to do, They nodded and smiled for you to follow the trail. They took your shopping bags from you and heading to their rooms. You stood there stunned at what was going on, The soft music filling the whole house, The dim lights, Scattered rose petals and candles everywhere, You smiled looking around at how much thought had gone into this. You slowly started following the trail of candles and roses through the house, walking past the kitchen and seeing that it was blocked off. The trail continued past there and through the the back doors. You made your way through the dining room and to the back doors, looking up from the ground there was jai. Standing at the table with flowers in his hands, Candles were everywhere, even floating in the pool, The Petals lead to him. A huge smile appeared on your face when you laid eyes on him and your eyes started to get watery. You continued to walk towards jai, "Happy anniversary babe" he whispered smiling when you stood right in front of him, He handed you the bouquet of flowers that were in his arms. "jai i-i-i c-ant be-lieve this" You stuttered getting teary, You looked around at how much trouble he had gone to, The music, Candles, Flowers, The perfect Sunset and the table for both of you. "are you sure this alright?" he said a bit anxious, "Of course it is jai, Why wouldn't it be?" You said lifting his chin up. "I just hope this is enough, I know its not a 5 star restaurant or anything but i......" , "Jai, This is perfect, this is more than enough" You said before he could finish his sentence. "Thank you" you smiled and reached up on your tippy toes and kissed him on the lips. He smiled, He walked over to the table and pulled the chair out for you smiling. You smiled at him and sat down putting your flowers beside you.

Jais Pov:

You felt a little more at ease now knowing that (Y/N) was happy. You pushed in her chair for her and sat down opposite to her. "So what did you guys get up to today?" you smiled holding her hands across the table. "well, they took me to breakfast and then we got kinda carried away shopping" (Y/N) laughed, "Was this your excuse, "to go to the gym"? (Y/N) smirked. "i had to get you out of the house somehow", "jai this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me" you said holding his hands. "You deserve it babe" he blushed. "so are we eating out here?" you questioned giggling. "oh yeah, ive got some.......people...... on that" you smirked. "what's that look for jai" (Y/N) laughed, "Oh you'll see" You said trying to hold in the laughter. You and (Y/N) sat there talking, when you saw the boys coming out with their aprons on. You immediately burst out into laughter and (Y/N) was confused. She turned around and tried to hold it in but started as well. " yeah yeah yeah, laugh it up, just remember we have the power to poison the shit out of your dinner" Luke said in a sassy voice. Daniel didn't seem that bothered or james. They put the food down in front of you, "Chicken and pasta" daniel said exaggeration his hand gestures laughing, all the boys started uncontrollably laughing, "aw this is so sweet, thanks boys" (Y/N) smiled and they walked back inside. You and (Y/N) looked at each other and then the food holding your forks in your hand, "You go first" She Giggled, "ugh okay" you said worried and put the fork in your mouth, "well?" (Y/N) asked. "Its pretty good" You laughed. (Y/N) laughed and started eating too. "so did you make them do this?" (Y/N) said. "No they actually offered, Well daniel offered for them to do it" you said surprised, "really". "Yeah i've kinda been freaking out the past couple of days" You said twirling more pasta on your fork, "Why?" (Y/N) said looking up from her plate. "I wanted to do something special for you, and i was worried this wasn't enough" you said looking at (Y/N). "jai, You know i would never be disappointed right?, as long as i have you thats the best anniversary i could ever ask for" You smiled at him. You finished dinner and then the boys brought out desert, "omgod, you guys even made desert" (Y/N) said surprised.

Your Pov:

"Yeah, Were not that shit at cooking" beau laughed. They put the plates down in front of you and walked back in side, ripping off their aprons and walking into the lounge. "I dont know if i can eat anymore!" You laughed sinking into your chair holding your stomach. "Me neither" jai laughed putting his spoon down. "Thank You for tonight jai, This was perfect, i couldnt ask for anything better" You smiled holding his hands again. " im glad you liked it baby" Jai smiled rubbing your arms with his thumbs. "But theres one more thing" jai said letting go of your arms..................................

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