I miss you. Part #39
Your Pov:You woke up to the bright Melbourne sun shining through your bedroom curtains as you rolled onto your back stretching your arms up.As you yawned and crossed your arms on the duvet you just lay there looking up at the ceiling.

You tilted your head to see the sun that was shining through your shutters on the balcony doors in your room. Slowly pulling the duvet off your body you walked towards the doors, grabbing your Cardi off the floor and wrapping it around your body as you do so.As you reached the door, you slowly turned the gold handle. Immediately the fresh sea air hit you. From your house you were right near the beach, on top of the hill your bedroom looked over the horizon. You gripped onto the black railing as you shut your eyes letting the sea air hit your skin.

It was bitter sweet coming out onto this balcony now. Memories of how jai would climb up the piping in the middle of the night knocking on your shutter door, how you two would just sit out on his balcony in L.A and watch the sunset.You gripped your arms tight around your body as you felt your eyes lower and a tear fall. You looked out onto the horizon squinting your eyes at the bright sun as another rolled down your cheek."Knock knock" you heard your mum slowly crack open your door. You quickly wiped your face with the back of your hand before turning around, you didn't want her to know you were upset.She stepped out onto the balcony."Morning sweetheart" she said placing her hand on your back.

"Sleep well?" She asked. "Yeah" you said looking up at her trying to let out a small smile.Truth is, you didn't sleep at all. You didn't expect to ,with everything that was on your mind at the moment. "Breakfast will be ready soon, you coming down?", "yeah ill be down soon" you smiled. She smiled back patting you on the back as she closed your bedroom door. You took a deep breath as you looked out over the horizon one last time as the warm breeze blew your hair in the wind.

Pulling your cardi tighter. You sighed, stepping back onto the carpet in your room and shutting the shutters.Jai's Pov:Its about 5am, your flights at 9am. You asked Jeremy if you could get an earlier flight cause you didn't want to show up too late at night on (Y/N) doorstep, you'd be lucky if her dad didn't kill you already, let alone pushing it by showing up at 4 in the morning.You've been tossing and turning all night. All that was going through your head was how (Y/N) is going to react to you showing up on her doorstep. This is starting to get repetitive in your relationship now, you know, the whole, 'surprise I'm in your house unannounced' thing. First her now you.

At least her surprise was on better circumstances.You pull yourself out of the bed, walking to your bathroom and turning on the shower, you let the hot steam fill the room as you take off your sweats. Jumping into the shower letting the water drip down your face as you put your hands behind your hand and clear your thoughts.**After washing yourself. Getting out and spraying on some cologne that was sitting on the basin, (Y/N) favourite.

As you walked into the closet with the towel wrapped around your waist and beads of water still dripping from your body you pick out an out fit.Flicking through the racks, you pick out your nirvana singlet, a black hoodie, your favourite beanie, dark blue jeans and your brown suede boots that you wear all the time. After you're finished getting dressed you walk back into the bedroom looking around the room and taking a deep breath as you pat the wall and switch iff the light as you roll your suitcases towards the stairs...................

A/N: tried to make this one a bit longer for you guys any suggestions?

Btw sorry i didn't describe jai's shoes very well i didn't know how, hopefully you knew what ones i was taking about though Lol the laced up ones he wears quite a lot?


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