*Jais POV*

What just happened. I stood there in shock. "Hey ma-", "don't" i said shaking beaus hand of my shoulder and storming inside.

I went straight out the front door slamming it behind me. I didn't know where I was going, but it was gonna be anywhere but here.

*Your POV*

I sat in the ensuite bathroom with my head in my hands and tears rolling down my skin. I was waiting for any second for JAI to come bursting through the door like any other time to baby me and make sure I was alright. But he never came.

all I could think about was this the final straw. Was he finally sick of everything. Was he done trying, every thought rushing through my mind at a million miles an hour, the thought of ever losing him made me feel even more sick to my stomach.

*30 minutes later*

I slowly made my way downstairs where I saw everyone standing around the kitchen, "where's jai" I simply spoke softly

Everyone shot their heads around to me like a came in at a bad time, they were all just staring. "What?" I asked ,Veronica came towards me. "Why are you guys acting so weird what's wrong" I asked getting worried

" we do-" , "jai's gone" Daniel butted in before veronica could finish, she took a worried sigh a looked at me

"What do you mean he's gone!" I yelled "we don't know where he went after you went upstairs he stormed out" Luke said looking at me with his hands on his pockets

By this time it's about 7:30pm and getting dark pretty quick, "we have to go find him" I say power walking out of the room trying to hold the tears back that are welling up in my eyes, "Y/N" no" Luke says grabbing my arm

"What the fuck do you mean no Luke, he's out there!" I say pointing as the tears start to flow "he needs some time" James says and everyone comes after him. "He'll be back" beau says trying to reassure me, "how do you know that" I say through my blurry vision looking at beau. "He'll always come back Y/N, he loves you and you know that don't be silly" Luke grabs me and pulls me into him with his arms right around my neck and my check to his chest, "it will be fine okay" he whispers into my hair

Tears start to wet his V neck top "I'm not so sure anymore" I whisper to myself squishing my shut with my head still in Luke's chest

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