frenemies :: luke brooks by alrightlosangeles
frenemies :: luke brooksby chelsea
❝Why do you hate me so much?❞ ❝I didn't say I hated you❞ ❝Yeah you did❞ One detention changes it all
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  • luke
  • beau
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Adopted By Magcon (under construction) by paigedallas
Adopted By Magcon (under construct...by paige Brooks
Warning; inappropriate language, sex, sex reference, suicidal thoughts and actions, self harm, cussing, physical abuse, and verbal abuse. Our second life is featured al...
  • mattespinosa
  • magcontour
  • teen
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The Bad Boy Saw Me Naked?!? |Completed| by emilyh2ojanoskians
The Bad Boy Saw Me Naked?!? |Compl...by Hey
Emily is a shy girl. She gets good grades, doest party like other teens. Listens to her mom. But when she gets paired with Bad Boy, Luke Sanders, she can only hope for t...
  • heartbreak
  • teenfiction
  • selenagomez
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story ideas by WRTCHEDIVINE
story ideasby ⠀
from books or songs or the desert of my own mind . {take any you want, i'm no longer giving them to certain people} copyright © HEAVYDIRTYSOULED
  • storyline
  • poetry
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Life As Ariana Grande's Little Sister by sugarashi
Life As Ariana Grande's Little Sis...by A L Y
Beautiful, talented and pretty Ariana Grande has an unknown, troubled, and dorky sister? Well, yeah. In a school there was a girl who was in high hopes of being in in...
  • grande
  • sirenfatale
  • depression
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[COMPLETE] The Boy Next Door - A Luke Brooks FanFic by janofanfics_
[COMPLETE] The Boy Next Door - A L...by janofanfics_
"And as I started into his eyes, I finally understood the meaning of love..." Her name is Chrissy Clark. After a drastic move from Manchester to Melbourne, she...
  • sahyounie
  • janoskians
  • james
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psycho :: luke brooks by pokemikeyy
psycho :: luke brooksby sugarmommy
He lurks around at night. He watches through your window as you sleep. He's your worst nightmare, and it's coming to life. ©2014-2015 pokemikeyy All rights reserved.
  • asylum
  • institution
  • scary
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stereotype - jai brooks by nikesgod
stereotype - jai brooksby kiara
two different people that hate each other
  • janoskiansfanfic
  • jaibrooks
  • love-hate
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My Brothers Best Friend by amziixo
My Brothers Best Friendby amy .
Aria Yammouni is this sister of James Yammouni. When their mother goes to England, they are told to stay home. Aria has 3 best friends, Brooke, Yianni and Megan. But mos...
  • best
  • jaibrooks
  • brother
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Ariana's Little Sister by Disney_baby
Ariana's Little Sisterby Disney_baby
Skyler Grande, 14 years old living her not so normal life in Boca with her unhappily married parents. And yes, of course she is the sister if the Ariana Grande. As both...
  • janoskians
  • grande
  • beau
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Wounded by ALovelyWriter24
Woundedby ALovelyWriter24
This takes place when Jai and Luke are 16 years old in Australia. James will be in this. Jai had always been shy. Sometimes, that can be a really good quality to have, b...
  • lukebrooks
  • bruises
  • jaibrooks
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Gilinskys Sister (Omaha boys and magcon fanfiction) by AjDagger
Gilinskys Sister (Omaha boys and m...by Amy Dagger
Amy gets to meet possibly the best people in her life thanks to her brother Jack. What will happen to the rebellious teen?
  • hayesgrier
  • sammywilk
  • omahaboys
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Beau Brooks by Beauspinosa
Beau Brooksby Beauspinosa
It's about a girl who meets beau & basically it's a long story( yes there will be some smut parts) so read if you want to. I wanted to write this because I love the Jano...
  • date
  • romance
  • imagine
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Enemies With Benefits by awritersplanet
Enemies With Benefitsby awritersplanet
Enemies With Benefits. However, it's not how you think it will go. Not your cliche story, no. Follow the journey of Lily and Jason, as a long string of events bring th...
  • janoskians
  • romance
  • drama
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Pregnant (a Beau Brooks fanfic) by emilyxtaylorx
Pregnant (a Beau Brooks fanfic)by emily🌻
Imagine Beau Brooks getting you pregnant after a one night stand, take it from there
  • jamesyammouni
  • youtube
  • lukebrooks
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teach me // j.b by lowkeydisaster
teach me // j.bby anika
"Just don't tell anyone please" I looked him in the eyes. "I won't, your secret is safe with me," I sighed in relief from his words, "But you ha...
  • jaibrooks
  • love
  • boy
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Silent by ALovelyWriter24
Silentby ALovelyWriter24
Jai gets told off by his brothers for being an annoyance. Suddenly, a simple fight escalates into something so much more and leaves Jai hurting and broken. He decides th...
  • sad
  • suicidal
  • cutting
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Don't Let Go (Nash Grier Fanfic) by CherishLoveStrongly
Don't Let Go (Nash Grier Fanfic)by CherishLoveStrongly
Christabella Armstrong has always been just some ordinary teen who hasn't had much drama in her life. Besides the fact that she has a six-year old sister she has to take...
  • teenfiction
  • lovestory
  • zaceffron
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Ariana Grande's Sister  by HappieVibes
Ariana Grande's Sister by Safe ✨
"C'mon, you've survived so far, you can make it till the end." Bree smiled at me. "Yeah I think I ran out of ways to make your life miserable too." A...
  • camerondallas
  • kidnapped
  • janoskian
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sex in the office × jdmb by nostalgicbrandon
sex in the office × jdmbby x x x
in which a girl always finds herself having sex with her co-worker in her office.
  • jaibrooks
  • brooksbrothers
  • sexual
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