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Your Pov:

I reached the bottom of the stairs with all my bags where my parents, my twin brother & sister sarah and shae (9 years old), and gina. I let out a deep breath and smiled at them all. I gave my mum a hug, "im gonna miss you (Y/N), be carefull okay" she said as she pulled me into a bear hug. "i will mum, dont worry" i laughed at her. I said my goodbyes to dad and my siblings, then looked at gina. "Ready?" she said with a smile. "As ready as ill ever be" i said as i picked up my suitcases with gina helping me. We all walked out to where the airport shuttle van was waiting and put the suitcases in. As when reversed down to drive i was waving out the window to mum and dad, mum looked liken she had tears in her eyes a little but she was still smiling with dads arm around her shoulder, i knew i needed to do this though, for me, and jai.

We arrived at the check in, thats when it finally hit me. Gina noticed that i was getting quiet now and saw that something was wrong. "whats up darlin?" she asked with a reassuring smile. "im fine, im just nervous about how jai's gonna react, and what the fans in L.A are gonna think of me being there" i looked up at gina with a anxious look. she smiled at me, " now , (Y/N), you know jai loves you more than anything in this world, he would do anything for you, didn't you see the interview they were in?" all you could do was nod at look up at her. "well, doesn't that show you that he would give anything to see you right now?, i promise (Y/N), its gonna be fine" she slung her arm around my shoulder and pulled me into a hug. "Thanks gina" you smiled. "Now, lets get on that flight!" she jumped up and pulled you towards the boarding gate, You couldnt help but laugh with embarrassment as everyone in the airport thought you two were crazy.

*on the Plane*

Youre about 4 hours into the flight, youve got the window seat and then gina next to you. Ginas been asleep most of the flight, guessing all the excitment to see her boys has finally worn her out you laugh to yourself. For you anyways, hasnt been the most enjoyable flight, babies crying, kid behind you kicking your back and the old man in front of you snoring-.-. So youve mostly just been admiring the view out the window. as theres still 9 hours left! you try to drift off to sleep.

*8 hours later*

You wake up to the captain announcing that you'll be landing in the few minutes. You slowly open your eyes and look around. "afternoon sleepy head!" gina giggles to herself. You look over and see she's reading a magazine, "How long was i asleep for?!" you ask. "Quite a long time, guess you finally stopped over thinking everything and chilled out!" she said looking at you out of the corner of her eye "HEY!" you said laughing. The speakers came on "afternoon everyone, please prepare for landing" and with that everyone secured their seat belts.

The plane came to a stop and everyone started to collect their baggage from the overhead compartments. You made it out of the tunnel and walked over to collect the rest of your baggage from the escalator thingy* (i dunno what its called oops). You and gina are both waiting on some chairs for all the boys (except jai of course) to pick you up. Youre looking around, when you see 4 boys running towards you with a stampede of girls running behind them. You and gina both look at each other a bit scared, thats when all four of them attack both of you with hugs. They all give you and gina kisses on the cheek, "(Y/N) we missed you so much!" luke yelled in your ear as he was hugging you, "aw i missed you guys too!" you said as you hugged him back.

Just then you looked back and could see about 20 girls coming towards you, "ummm, guys!" you yell to get the boys attention. "oh Shit!" beau says under his breath. The girls come up to them asking for selfies and autographs, youre not used to seeing the boys being treated like this, i mean yeah you know this happens to them all the time, but its never really happened when you were around them. You decide that its best for you not to get in the way so you take a few steps back and just smile at whats going on. next thing you know girls are crowding around you asking for pictures with you. Youre a bit taken back about what is happening right now and dont know what to say. "um sure" you say to a fan with a smile, she gives you a hug "(Y/N) I love you and jai so much!, you guys are so cute together!" she screams. "wow really, thankyou so much youre so sweet!" you hug her back. This is the first time fans have actually asked for photos with you and youre in a bit of shock. You, the boys and gina take a few more photos with fans, when airport security has to come and seperate the fans from you cause its getting too out of control. 7 Security guards have to escourt you guys through the now massive crowd and to the van waiting outside. You start to panic a little as more and more girls start gathering, you all finally make it to the van while the security holds of the fans. The driver takes off the girls start chasing the car out of the parking lot. You look at the boys " oh my god! that was crazy!" you say slightly shaken up. "were kinda used to it now" skip looks at you like nothing is happening, you just look at daniel and laugh.

James is sitting in the front telling the driver where the house is, you can only just hear whats hes saying over the radio in the background. You look at the clock on the dash it reads 1:45pm and you think how the boys got away from jai, "hey, how did you guys leave without jai thinking something was up" you say trying to speak over the radio. "we told him we were gonna go gym" luke replies "what and he didnt wanna go to the gym?" youre confused as jai is almost in the gym everyday. "nah, he hasnt really been himself without you around lately, hopefully this will make him feel better with you being here!" he said ,You just smiled "Hope so".

You drived for a bit longer, thats when you heard james say "Just down this street" you get butterflies in your stomach and a smile spreads across your face, Gina grabs a hold of your hand and smiles.

i guess this is it.........

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