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*Your POV*

I waited up for hours for Jai to come home. The boys have all gone to bed, they've tried to convince me to go too but I couldn't, Sitting on the couch wrapped up in one of his hoodies, with my knees up to my chin i wait for the door to click open, as I sit in the dimly lit room with only the light from the kitchen each minute that goes by my heart breaks a little more. How could he just leave like this.

But I still stay in my spot waiting for that moment he'll walk back through that door

I feel my eyes start to get heavier and heavier.....

*Jai's POV*

I couldn't stand it anymore. I just needed a breather. I walked along hollywood boulevard For the first time in a while I feel like I can actually breath and think straight for more than 5 minutes, even with the craziness around on the streets. I just needed to be alone and have some time to myself. But I know walking out was wrong, I need to get back to her I thought to myself as I turn in my tracks

About half an hour later I made it back home. From what I could see outside the front door, everyone seemed to have gone to bed, all the lights were off. I slowly turn my key in the door trying to not make too much noise.

Walking in the house i shut the door behind me, I notice (Y/N) is asleep on the couch in one of my hoodies as i place my keys on the table. She must've been crying, I can see black stains of mascara on her cheeks as i approach quietly

I go around to the couch, kneeling on the ground i take my thumb up to her face and wipe the smears away gently. (Y/N) stirs in her sleep and slowly opens her eyes squinting trying to adjust. "Hey" I whisper nervously. "Jai" she shoots up, with her eyes starting to well up, wrapping her arms tight around my neck. "I was so worried about you" she whispers into my shoulder as I feel a single tear soak my skin through my cotton t-shirt.

"Im sorry" I say grabbing her as tight as i could

*Your POV*

I slowly release my arms from jai's neck and hold his hand in my lap as he still kneels in front of me. "Why did you just leave like that", "I just needed some air, that's all" he whispers looking up at me. "Im so sorry" i quiver as my chin starts to shake

"For what baby!" he says holding my face in his hand. "Everything. This is all my fault. I've been putting you under so much stress, this is the last thing you need right now"

"Hey" He says making sure I'm looking him in the eyes, he leans into my ear "I'd do it a thousand times again if it meant I'd still have you by my side", "I'm not going anywhere" he whispers pulling my face to his and placing a kiss on my lips.

"You must be tired" he whispers with his forehead against mine, I just nod my head in reply. "Come on" he says standing up and putting his hand out for me to hold as I get up off the couch

We walk upstairs to the bed room and jai quietly shuts the door behind him. I go around to my side of the bed and jai goes to his, he strips off to his boxers and gets under the covers. I get in after him taking off his hoodie and putting it on the end of the bed, leaving me in a tank top and my underwear, i get in beside him.

He puts his arm along the pillow for me to cuddle into his chest, and he wraps his arm tight around me as I feel his warm skin against mine and his heart beat on my chest.

"I love you" he whispers into my hair as my eyes start to close

"I love you too" I whisper before falling asleep, "I love you more" I hear faintly and a light kiss on the top of my head.....

That's not possible I think to myself before I can fall into a deep sleep...

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