Your Pov:

you made your way hand in hand to the breakfast bar in the kitchen where everyone was talking. "Hey (Y/N)!, what are you doing here, i thought you were too busy?!" mariam yelled while pulling you in for a hug. "i wanted to surprise jai" you said with a beaming smile looking over at jai. You gave both ronnie and jacob hugs as we'll, then went and stood next to jai hugging his arm while he was talking to everyone. "So what are you two love birds gonna get up to today?" gina said while taking a sip of her tea. You and jai just looked at each other and smiled "im sure we'll find something to do" jai said winking at you. You looked at the ground blushing, him sqeezing your hand a bit tighter giggling at you blushing. "YUCK! save it for when we're all not here will ya!" daniel laughed.

Everyone finished eating, You and jai were sitting in the next room on the couch with his arm around you, "we're all gonna show mum around L.A, you guys wanna come?" Luke yelled from in the kitchen. jai looked down at you to see what you thought, you didnt say anything you just looked at him and smiled. "ah, nah i think we're gonna stay here, im gonna take (Y/N) out later" jai yelled back still looking into your eyes with a smirk on his face. "Okay, use protection!" beau screamed. You both just laughed and rolled your eyes at his comment.


You both heard the front door slam shut, finally silence. You and jai were cuddling on the couch still.

Jais Pov:

"i still cant believe youre here (Y/N)" you said looking down at her smiling. "me neither" she said blushing. "ive missed holding you in my arms, and touching you" You winked at her. (Y/N) just blushed more and giggled a bit looking down at the floor. You gently lifted up her chin with your thumb, and kissed her on the lips. "you have no idea how much ive missed kissing those lips" you said inbetween kissing. (Y/N) just smiled through the kiss. It started getting more passionate, You grazed her bottom lip begging for enterance, she gladly accepted, your tongues explored each others mouths for a while.

You pulled (Y/N) onto your lap so she was stradling you. You started kissing down her neck, when you finally found her sweet spot. "mmmm, jai" Small moans escaped her lips, with her fingers tangled in your hair. "i missed you moaning my name like that" you whispered in her ear.

Your Pov:

Chills were through your whole body when jai kissed you. He was about to take of your cardi you still had on while sucking on your neck. "jai not here" you said with your head back. "Lets go to your room" you said. "okay baby he said with a smirk on his face. He carried you up the stairs glued to his body while youre kissing his neck. You reached jais bedroom, he kicked open the door with his foot, Then slammed it shut. As soon as the door was shut he slammed you up against the wall and started kissing up and down your neck again. You flung your head back ,while he was doing this you were trying to get his belt undone. you got his black skinny jeans off, he lifted you maxi dress over your head and threw it on the ground. "ive missed this body" he growled in your ear, Your lifted his shirt up and threw it on the floor. You ran your hands up and down his abs, him moaning your name everytime you got closer to his boxer waitband. He reached behind your back and unclasped your bra while you were making out. Next thing you know, he picked you up over his shoulder and was walking over to the bed. He threw you on the bed in nothing but your underwear, him too. He lay down on top of you and started kissing all the way down to your black lace undies. You could feel his bulge leaning against your leg. When he got to your undies he looked up at you to make sure you were ready, You just looked at him and nodded.

He slowly slid off your underwear kissing your skin everytime more skin was exposed. He spread you legs and started rubbing your clit fast with his tongue. "jaaaaaaii" you moaned out, he looked up at you and winked. He put 2 fingers inside you. "fuck jai!" you scream and buck your hips for him to go faster, and he does. "jai im gonna cum!" you scream throught the bedroom, he takes his fingers out.

You jump on top of him and run your hands along every ab on his body, you reach his boxer waitline that is sitting low on his perfectly carved v-line. You dreadfully slowly pull down his boxers looking at him smirking. "(Y/N) dont be a tease!" he says looking at you in the eyes. You giggle to yourseld and pull his boxers all the way off with his dick springing up and hitting him on the stomach. "omgod, jai i forgot how big you were" you say looking a bit anxious, he winks at you. You start stroking him, Jai throws his head back "omgod, fuck, faster!". You lick his tip, Then take all of him in your mouth bobbing your head. "fuck (Y/N)! im gonna cum!" he yells with his head still thrown back, and with that you take him out of your mouth.

You colapse beside him and he gets back on top of you, spreading your legs and placing himself at your entrance. "you ready?" he asks. You smile and nod. He slams into you giving you no time to adjust, theres a few seconds of pain, but that soon dispears into pleasure. "fuck, fuck,fuck" you whisper into his neck, with your nails digging into his back. "yeah, you like that baby" he says. You grab the sheets tight, "faster!" you scream. "jais thrusts start to get sloppy, "(Y/N) im gonna cum!" he says out of breath "me too" you say. You both cum together, jai falls next to you puffing.


You both lay there for a while cuddling. "what do you wanna do tonight?" jai asks kissing the top of your head. "i dont mind" you say looking up at him. "wanna go explore L.a, just me and you?" he says with a smile. "sure babe" you reply.

"im gonna go and get a drink downstairs you coming?" he says pulling some grey trackies out of his draws and putting them on , "i might need some clothes though" you laugh "oh yeah, here" he laughs throwing a baggy t-shirt to you. You both walk down stairs into the kitchen and see the boys playing in the ping pong room, "hey, long have you guys been home for?" jai says anxiously waiting for them to reply holding my hand. "Long enough, Jai ugh jai faster" Luke yells at the top of his lungs, "shit" you say under your breath blushing. "youre all just jealous" jai laughs, "whatevs" luke says flicking his imaginary long hair. We all just burst out laughing athim trying to be sassy as always. "Wheres everyone else" you ask. "Theyre still out shopping, we couldnt take it anymore" james says throwing his hands up in the air laughing. "okay, were gonna go get ready, im gonna take (Y/N) around L.A" jai says grabbing my hand, "hey do you boys wanna come?" i say cause i can see they want to. "babe what are yo doing, i thought it was gonna be just me and you" jai says looking down at you."i know babe, but i kinda what to spend some time with all of you together!" i said giving him a puppy dog face. "ugh fine!" he said kissing the top of your head. "yaaaaaay!" all the boys yelled pulling you both in for a group hug. "okay boys go get ready!" you laughe you and jai walked back up stairs hand in hand to get ready.

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