its been a month now since ive seen (Y/N), i miss her so much,even though we talk everyday its just not the same when shes not here with me. I know i should be having fun out here in L.A with the boys but cant stop thinking about how much better it would be if she was out here with me. Its been really difficult to find the right times to talk with the completely different time zones now, but we always find a way to make it work.

Your Pov:

Schools finally done and you're finishing packing for your flight to L.A tomorrow. Its 9pm and youre putting clothes into your suitcase when your mum comes in."almost finished?" she says with a smile as she looks at the clothes scattered across your bedroom floor, "almost!" you say excitdley. Your mum takes a seat on your bed, "im gonna miss you you know" she says looking at the ground " aw mum, its only for a few weeks" you say smiling. You and your mum have always had a really close relationship, you knew you could talk to her about anything and she'd always give you the best "motherly advice". "yeah i know but im gonna miss having our little talks" she says laughing slightly "me too" you say with a big smile. "i want you to be carefull while youre in L.A okay (Y/N)?" she says getting serious, "what do you mean?" you say confused. " The boys fans, i know they can be a bit, harsh sometimes" she says looking at you,"ill be fine mum" you say looking at your feet. "you know i love jai and the rest of the boys, but if something is going on,like hate from the fans, you need to tell him sweetheart" she says putting her arm around you. "i will mum" you say looking up at her with a smile. Your mum knows you've had quite a hard time with some fans sending you continuous hate, you always ignore it, but sometimes it gets to you. She gives you a smile back, "Now, finish packing and get into bed, you dont want to miss your flight in the morning!" she gives you a quick kiss on the forehead and shuts your door behind her. You cant stop smiling thinking about seeing jai so soon!

Just as you finish packing you hop into bed and your phone vibrates on the bedside. A text from jai. You look at it for a second slightly confused seeming as its so late in l.a, then unlock your phone and read the text.

Jai: hey babe, you still up?x

You: yeap how come youre up so late!?:o x

Jai: i was waiting to talk to you;) ahaha

You: god its like 2am jai! haha hows L.A?:)

Jai: its okay, kinda sucks that youre not here tho:(

You: awww jai :( im sorry im just too busy with studying for end of year exams atm:(</3

Jai: yeah, i know:( hopefully you'll be able to come next month then, anyways i better go to bed babe, its getting kinda latex

You: yeah maybe:), me too, nightx:)

You put your phone back on the bedside and lay down in your bed, you caught yourself smiling thinking that jai had no idea that you were about to surprise im in less than 24 hours. That night you dont get much sleep because of all the excitement

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