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Your Pov:

(Contains Dirty scene)

As much as you'd hate to admit, you missed this too. You felt the butterflies start to flutter in your stomach as the smile is still plastered to your lips. "Jai, were supposed to be taking it slow" you whisper as he still holds you tight. "Don't worry babe, i will" he smirks behind you. "You know Thats not what i m----", before you can finish jai turns you around pressing your lips against his, you feel yourself getting caught in the moment as you kiss him back.

He pushes you hard against the counter as he grinds his crotch on yours, you breath out a moan through the kiss as he does, he lifts you up by your bum placing you on the counter, pulling your shirt over your head he stands between your legs.

Not for a second disconnecting your lips you pull his over his head as well, running your hands down his abs he wraps your legs around his waist carrying you to his bedroom. Walking into walls through the hallway, but that doesn't stop you.

Finally you make it to jai and Luke's room. As jai carries you to the bunk bed he attempts to lay you down but hits your head on Luke's bunk, "ow" you laugh rubbing your head, "sorry babe" he laughs connecting your lips once again as he lays on top of you pulling down your skirt and underwear. You reach down pulling iff his boxers as his dick springs up and hits him in the stomach.

"Ive missed this" he says biting his lip. He begins to position himself at your entrance as you have your hands by your side, slamming into you, you throw your head back "ahhhhhh" you moan grabbing the sheets underneath you. "Mmmm" jai moans biting his lip with his eyes shut.

"Yeah" you whisper out of breath as his thrusts get harder and faster by the second. "Jaaaaaaaiii i" you scream running your fingers down his bare back. "Say may name baby" he says breathing hard.

"Ja-i-i. Im g-oo-nn-a cum" you scream squeezing your eyes shut. "Go babe", go feel the knot inside your stomach release and you and jai ride out your highs, you feel jai twitch inside you as his thrusts start to get sloppy until falling next to you out of breath.

You both lay there out of breath looking up to the bunk above you. "You have no idea, how much i missed that" jai smiles over to you still panting. You look up at him giving his a smile, "so much for taking things slow huh?" You laugh.

"Whatever" he laughs. Pulling you close you place your hand on his bare chest, still beating fast. He wraps his arm around your shoulder kissing the top of your head

Jai's Pov:

I missed this so much. Not even the sex part, just being close to (Y/N) again. Nothing makes me happier than that girl. Through everything that we've been through tight now, i know that theres no one else id ever what to be with. I think I've always known that, but it just took everything that we've been through for me to see it. Just looking at her laying close to me makes me smile, and nothing can take that away

Your Pov:

You look up and catch jai smiling at you. "What?" You laugh at him, "you make me really happy you know that" he smiles, you just smile back at him. "I know you're the one", "i took having sex for you to realise that?" You laugh. "No, i think i always knew, but i think it took what we went through for me to see it" he says moving your hair to your back. You pause for a minute just looking up at him.

....."i know you're the one too" you smile leaning up and kissing him on the lips, "now lets get some sleep, we have a long flight tomorrow" you say turning to your side as he spoons you from behind, "night babe" jai says kissing the top of your head.

-The next day-

Its about 8am you've been up for an hour and just got out of the shower. You walk back to the room with a towel around your body, and rubbing your wet hair with one as you walk. Your flights at 1pm , but you need to be at the airport by 10am. You walk in to find jai still laying in bed, "jai get up we have to get ready" you say walking over to him. As your standing by the bed all of a sudden he pulls you down on top of him. "Jai" you yell shocked as you fall on top of his body. "Come on we have to go soon" you say running your hand through his hair. "Ugh" he whines. "Come on" you day kissing him quickly and junping off the bed.


Going to your suitcase you pick out this http://weheartit.com/entry/78814279/via/sophievalsvik

With your black havianas. You lets your hair air dry as it cascades down your back.

As you go to the kitchen you make a quick cup of coffee for you and jai. He walks into the kitchen with wet hair, wearing a clippers sweatshirt, dark blue washed jeans and his boots.

"Cant wait to be back" he smiles kissing the top of your head. "Me too" you smile passing him a mug.

"What times the driver coming?" You ask taking a sip if your drink, "soon i think, 9:30" .......

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