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Your Pov:
Its been been 3 weeks since you've seen your boyfriend jai. You two have been dating for almost 2 years now and its been really hard for you to be away from jai, and the rest of the boys for this long since you're used to seeing them almost everyday!.The boys have been in L.a promoting the 'janoskians' and planning some special stuff for the fans. Throughout the past few weeks youve been skyping and facetimeing each other, but it just isnt cutting it anymore.

Youre in year 12 at Penola, lately you've been feeling really lost without the boys at school since they left, even though you have an amazing group of friends and get on with almost everyone at school you'd give anything for the boys to be here right now. As its coming to the school holidays you've decided to surprise jai in L.A for your 2 year anniversary!.
You wake up to the terrifing beeping of your alarm, you lazily reach over to hit the snooze button. You slowly try to open your eyes and the clock reads 6:30am. You sigh as its another early morning to get up for school. You lay in bed for a while and catch yourself thinking about seeing jai next week, you start to get butterflies and decide you should probably start getting ready for school. As youre in the bathroom getting ready you hear your phone ringing from your bedroom, you know its gonna be jai as he calls to say good morning everyday. You almost run your phone and pick up, "Hey!"you scream through the phone almost forgetting your parents and siblings are still asleep, "Hey baby!" jai says back "getting ready for school?"jai asks "yeap"you pout through the phone "i miss you sooooooo much" you say "aw babe i miss you too, i dont know how much longer i can go without seeing you" he replies "me neither" you say with a sad face. You and jai talk about things for a bit longer when you see the time and tell him you should proably finish getting ready , you both say your goodbyes and 'love yous' and go back to getting ready.
You smile to yourself as youre getting ready and think about how good it feels that even though you and jai have been together for a while now he still knows how to make you get butterflies over simple things like a phone call. At school you cant even concentrate on work, you're too busy planning on how to surprise jai.

A/N: guys im sorry this part is pretty boring:( , but i promise itll get good in the next few parts hahha. Tell me what you think, and if you have any suggestions about what you want to happen. hope you guys enjoyed it a little

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