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Your Pov:

You start to stir in the bed as the sun shines bright on your face. Squinting your eyes as you block the sun with your hand slowly sitting up.

"Morning babe" jai smiles walking into the room with a towel around his waist and beads of water falling off his skin. "Whats the time" you say rubbing your eyes as he kisses you on the head, "10:25", "omgod" you sigh leaning over with your elbows on your knees anf hands on your head. "You mustve been jet lagged" jai says opening his draw. "Yeah" you yawn falling on the bed on your back. "I made you a doctors appointment" he says slipping the singlet over his head, "you did?" You reply raising an eyebrow.

"I just think we should get you check out as soon as possible, just to make sure everything is okay" he says pulling you up fron the bed, "okay" you say nervously looking at the ground. "Hey...." He whispers lifting up your chin, "everything is gonna be alright", as soon as you hear those words a faint smile appears on your lips. "Okay?" He smiles. You nod your head. "Go get ready" he smiles kissing the top of your head.



It took you about an hour to get ready, after your shower you put this on ripped jeans ? i think yes . on We Heart It

(With a baggy off the shoulder knitted jumper)

You curled your hair letting it fall down your back. Then walking down stairs to where the boys were in the kitchen.

"Morning" you smile to the boys grabbing a water bottle out of the fridge. "Where are you guys going?" Daniel asks confused, "yeah why are you guys so dressed up" Luke questions raising his eye brows. "Doctors appointment"
Jai says taking a sip of his water. "What is everything okay" Mariam says looking at you both worried. "Your not pregnant are you" James laughs sarcastically. You and jai look at each other not replying. Instantly its like the mood changes and worry appears on all their faces. "Are you". "No I'm not" you say trying to calm them down.

"Fuck" beau says holding his chest. You and jai catch yourselves looking at each other once again. You can see on each others faces you've both thought about the possibility. "Well we better get going" jai says grabbing the keys off the counter. "See ya later" you wave to them all grabbing your bag

And carrying it by your side out the door.

You and jai Jump in the car as he starts the engine pulling out of the driveway.


Its about 10 minutes into the drive, you can sense the tension and nervousness in the air. Jai has one hand tight on the wheel and the other on the arm rest next to yours. You look over at him slowly as he's still concentrating on the road, "jai..." You say quietly breaking the silence. "Yeah" he says slowly taking his eyes away from the road. "Do you think the boys could be right?" You say biting your lip and immediately regretting saying anything, "about what". "Being pregnant" you blurt out. Its like that word causes him to freeze as he stares blankly at the road for a minute.

You see him gulp then take a deep breath looking back at you as you stop at the red light. "Ill be there for you through anything alright?. We can get through anything, we just need to figure out whats going on with you okay" he says reaching for your hand on your lap and rubbing it with the back of his thumb.

You give him a small smile as the light turns green and his attention is back on the road.

The thing is, he didn't answer the question.

Could he think that you could be?. Every thought under the sun and possibility was running through your mind as you got closer to the doctors office with every second that went by.................

Jai's Pov:

I want to believe that shes not, i know that sounds horrible. But i don't know if I'm ready for a kid at 18, i know i wanna have kids with (Y/N) someday but not right now.

Ill be there for her through anything, but i cant help but feel nervous myself. I couldn't answer the question straight cause i just don't know but i didn't wanna freak her out even more. i guess we'll just have to wait and see.........



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