I miss you. Part #33

Your Pov:


You slowly rolled your suitcases behind you through the airport. 

Making your way towards the “flights board” you looked for your number. You took a deep breath as you saw your flight number and walked to check in. 

"Hello sweetheart, how can i help" The check in lady smiled. "1 ticket for melbourne please, One way" You said trying your best to talk up. "Have you been visiting someone while you were here?" She smiled clicking away on the computer waiting for your reply. "Yeah, i was" You replied looking down. "How lovely" She smiled printing out your boarding pass. She took your suitcases putting them on the escalator thing and passed you your ticket. "Thank you" You said giving her a small smile. "Have a safe flight" She waved as you walked away. 



As you were walking through the mall trying to kill some time, “Flight 837 to Melbourne Australia now boarding, please make your way to gate 5” The man announced on the speakers throught the airport. You took in a deep breath looking at your ticket tight in your left hand and made your way towards the gate.

Jais Pov:

As you paced in and out of the closet throwing clothes into your suitcase, the boys continued to yell telling you not to go after (Y/N). “jai just give her some time” Luke said taking clothes out of the suitcase. “She needs a break jai” James said joining in. Fed up with them telling you to stop You blurted out “Look!” You said throwing your hands up to them trying to get them to stop yelling. “If i dont go after her i could lose her forever alright!” You yelled continuing to put clothes in. “No jai!, if you GO you could lose her forever” Beau yelled standing up from the bed. 

You stopped throwing clothes in and looked up at them,”Look i know you boys are just looking out for us both. But i need to make things right. Or they’ll never get better. I cant sleep not knowing how she is, I need to do this for me. I love that girl with all my heart, Please, Just support me” You said looking around at them all getting a bit emotional. They all stopped and looked at each other. 

James looked at them all and took a deep breath, He walked over and pulled you into a hug patting you on the back “Are you sure this is the best idea jai” He said letting go of you. 

"I know it is" You said looking back at them all with their arms crossed and worried faces…………………………………….

A/N: sorry if this chapter was a bit short, it was more of just a filler.


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