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Your Pov:


You changed into a black bikini, you decided to hang out on the balcony in your room. You grabbed your sunglasses off your dresser and wiped your hair into a bun. "Jai ill be out on the balcony" you say opening the door a little, "okay ill be out soon" he says through the loud shower water hitting the floor and doors.

You shut the door back over and go out to the balcony putting your sunglasses on. A smile appears on your lips as the warm Melbourne sun beams down on your skin, you lift up your phone and open twitter

"(Y/T/N): feels so good to be back in Melbourne, missed this beautiful weather so much!!!" You tweeted immediately you got replies and mentions attacking your notification, you smiled at how lovely everyone was being.

All of a sudden a shadow came over you, "morning babe" jai smiled leaning down over you and kissing you. "More like afternoon, we slept in for so long" you said shading your face from the sun.

Just as you sat up, your mouth almost hit the ground, jai was sitting in the lounger behind you, a towel wrapped low on his waist and beads of water dripping down his abs. A smirk appeared on his lips as he saw your expression. You laughed to yourself laying back down on the lounger going back to your phone.

Jai's Pov:

(Y/N) looked so good right now, why is she doing this to me, is like shes teasing!. I whipped out my phone opening the camera taking a photo of (Y/N) without her knowing.

"@jaibrooks1: Lazy day with this babe today!;) http://weheartit.com/entry/71615517/via/ameliemaib7

Twit cam in 10 minutes!!:)" pressing tweet.

(Btw i know that picture is kinda unrealistic, but lets just pretend we look like this okay?;) okay hahahhaha)

Almost a minute later (Y/N) whipped her head around. "Jai!" She said shocked. "What i could help myself" i laughed kissing the top of her head. "Im gonna get the laptop be back in a minute.

Your Pov:

"Ugh" you whined sitting up on the lounger crossing your legs. "Okay" jai says sitting next to you with the towel still around his waist. "Aren't you gonna get dressed?", "why, you don't mind do you" he smirked. You shrugged. He opened the live stream and you placed your arm around his shoulder smiling at the webcam, "hey guys!" Jai waved. You waved as well with your arm still around Jai's shoulder. "Okay guys i need to show you this view right now" jai laughed lifting up the laptop and spinning it around showing the beach down below and the balcony. "This is (Y/N) house, were pretty much just having a chill day huh?" Jai said smiling down at you with the laptop on his lap. "Yeap" you smiled rubbing the shoulder you had your arm around.

Instantly when people noticed you two together they started asking questions. You pointed to the screen showing jai a tweet on the stream, 'did you guys break up?'

You looked up to jai giving him a small giggle. "Omgod" jai smiled at the screen. "Should we just tell them what happened?" Jai whispered quietly. "If you want to?"

Jai took a breath looking at the screen, "okay guys, a lot of you have been asking if me and (Y/N) broke up and if we've been having trouble" jai said smiling down at you. "No we haven't broken up, obviously" jai smiled "-----but we were just going through some stuff at that moment, but its all good now, and its gonna stay that way" jai clicked his fingers. You laughed rubbing your hands down his bare back. Jai looked down at you smiling as you did so, you could stop smiling at each other. "Jai" you said signalling your eyes to the screen, "oops" jai laughed looking back at the screen.

You both scrolled through the comments on the live stream, endless comments 'you guys are so cute' 'i ship this' 'love you two together so much'. You both couldn't help but smile at how lovely they were being, of course there were some not so nice comments, but it seemed like the good was out weighing the bad right now.

Then one particular question caught your eye. "@luke_brooks: did you guys bang last night?"

"Omgod jai look" you laughed pointing at the screen. Jai read it and started to burst out laughing. "No Luke, we didn't" jai laughed to the camera. "Why would you want to know that anyway Luke" you laughed.

"@Luke_brooks: you sure?"

"Yes were sure" jai laughed putting his arm around you.


"Okay last question" jai said scrolling through the stream.

"(R/T/N): when are you guys coming back to L.A?" Jai red out.

"Um, we haven't really had a chance to talk about that yet, its kinda been a crazy couple of days" jai laughed, "but i think soon", "oh really" you laughed at him

"Yeah" he smiled

"Okay guys, so i guess we just wanted to do this twit cam to clear everything up, that we are fine, and we will continue to be" jai smiled kissing the top of your head. You smiled at the camera.

"See you guys soon" you and jai waved, he exited the stream and shut the lid. "Did you mean that jai?" You said looking up at him, "mean what babe?" He said with his arm still tight around you. "That we'll be fine".

"I know we will babe" he smiled. "We can get through anything, you mean the world to me, so i'll always fight to make things work" he smiled rubbing your back. You had a massive smile on your face, you sat on Jai's lap, one leg on each side holding his neck. "I love you" you smiled kissing his cheek. "I love you too" he smiled pulling you down onto him as he lay on the longer with you on top of him.

He widened his legs so you could lay in between them with your upper body on his chest, tracing circles on his skin. "So what do you think about going back to L.A soon?" Jai asked cautiously with his hands on your lower back. "I think i wanna go back" you smile at him with your hands on his chest. "Really?" He asked excited. "Yeah i kinda miss the boys" you laugh.

"We'll look for some flights soon" he smiles putting a piece of hair behind your ear.

You pull yourself up to him, kissing him gently on the lips. You lay your head on his chest as he traces patterns on your bare back looking out over the balcony with the hot sun hitting your skin still............

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