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Your Pov:

You stood there with your mouth wide open holding the door. "Hi" jai said quietly with his hands in his front pockets of his jeans

You stood there still shocked, "(Y/N) say something" he said, it snapped you out of your daydream, "jai what are you doing here" you said wrapping your long Cardi tight around your body crossing your arms. "I couldn't let you leave, not like this" he said shaking his head, "i told you jai, i need some time" you said looking the ground with your arms crossed

"(Y/N) i love you", "jai its not the time to talk about this right now" you said looking up at him slowly, "i just need to know you love me too, please"

"Jai I'm always gonna love you, but i told you, i need some time, you cant just show up at my door at 2 in the morning at forget everything thats happened" you said biting your lip as you squeezed your arms tighter around yourself

"I know" he said looking down, "can we meet up tomorrow" he looked up at you hopefully, hands in his jeans and biting his lip nervously, "yeah, where are you gonna stay?" You said a bit worried, "mum gave me the key for the house" he said pulling his house key out of his pocket

You nod your head slowly looking at him and you rubbed your arms as the cold breeze hit you. You both just stood there looking at each other, "so i guess ill see you tomorrow" jai said breaking the silence, "yeah" you said nodding your head.

"Night" he smiled slowly walking backwards from the porch, "night jai" you said trying to give him a small smile.

You walked back behind the front door slowly shutting it, you stood there with your hands against the front door, cant believe that just happened

You flicked off the switch in the hallway and slowly made your way up the stairs. You made it up the first few but your emotions got the best of you. As you held onto the rail you sat down on the step in the dark, "what just happened" you whispered to yourself with your head on your hands as you sat on the steps.

Jai's Pov:

I wasn't expecting her to be excited to see me, but I'm just happy her dad wasn't the one to answer the door and murder me.

My house is only around the corner from (Y/N) so i just decided to walk. Clear my head.

As i made my way up the street i stopped at the house, a huge smile spread across my lips, i missed this house so much, even though theres no one here its good to be home. As i walked to the front door putting the key inside the door and turning it. Pushing the door open i pulled my suitcase in behind me

I wasn't really in the mood to put my stuff in my room so i just left it in the hallway and shut the front door walking to the lounge

Your Pov:

You sat on the stairs with your head in your hands, so many thoughts running through your mind. You finally pulled yourself up and quietly walked up the stairs back to your room, dropping your Cardi back on the floor you got back into bed and pulled the covers up to your waist. You sighed looking up at the ceiling thinking about whats going to be said tomorrow

Jai's Pov:

Sitting on the couch with a beer in my hand i took a sip, "what a day" i sighed taking a sip and throwing my head back looking up at the ceiling

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