Your Pov:

As soon as you heard Kylie whispering in his ear you felt like breaking down right then and there, in front of everyone. You weren't even angry, You were hurt. Hurt that someone that you love is not doing anything about it, Hurt that he doesn't even realise, Hurt that she knows that you two are together, yet she continues.

You saw jai turn to look at you, as soon as you caught him looking you turned to face gina next to you. "i cant do this" you whispered to gina fighting back the tears. "babe what wrong" gina said immediately putting her arm around you. "he doesn't even realise what he's doing, but she does" You whispered, You didn't want to give Kylie the satisfaction of knowing you're upset. and you didn't want jai to start with you again.

The lights in the area started to dim down and the red velvet curtains opened reveling the cast standing at the podium in front of the screen. You pulled yourself together and faced the front crossing your leg over the other. "Hey everyone" Jennifer smiled into the mic waving to the audience. Everyone clapped their hands and cheered. "thank you to everyone who's come out tonight, it really means alot" Josh said. "we've put alot of work into this, and we would like to thank all of you here that are supporting us" Liam smiled. "Hope everyone enjoys it, here it is" Jen said, Everyone whistled and cheered as they walked off the stage and took their seats.

You and the rest of the group clapped and smiled. The lights dimmed even more and the film opening credits started. "Its starting!" Kylie said grabbing hold of jais arm. He smiled at her and looked back at the screen. It hasn't even started and you already want to leave. After you heard this you saw gina and Mariam look over at you giving you a "sorry" look. They could see that she was doing it on purpose.





Its about half way through the movie. The whole time Kylie has been trying to get jais attention. And he's giving her it. You don't know how much longer you can stand this. You have you hand on your knee with your leg crossed, Jai reaches over and tries to grab your hand. You pull away before he can. They all notice something is wrong with you town when you do this. "(Y/N) what is wrong with you" Jai whispers. "Jai how many times do i have to say it, i don't want to talk about it!" You snap back in a whisper. "You should already know, i shouldn't have to spell it out for you" You say looking at the screen. "just tell me what's wrong!". "i going to the bathroom" You say getting up.

Jai immediately jumps up after you about to follow you out of the row, "Jai, just give her some space sweetheart, we don't need to make a scene" Gina says calmly getting him to sit back down. "ill go after her" Mariam whispers to her. You make your way up the stairs following the lights on the ground trying to keep it together, to not make a scene in front of all these people.

as you left the aisle you knew Jais blood is boiling. Anger and confusion all in one. But you cant deal with it, You need a break............

Send in suggestions about what you want to happen if you want too

Also, i dont have anything against Pia and Kylie, im sure theyre not like this, Just had to clear that up

(sorry jai doesn't have a pov in this part, i just felt like (Y/N) Pov was more important and the main thing in this one

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