Your Pov:

After you collected your bags from the round about machine you made your way through the airport. Your mum and dad didn't know you were coming home, or what happened.

You didn't think it was right to say over the phone, so you decided it was best to just, show up.

You walked through the airport looking down at your phone texting, "(Y/N)!!!" You heard a mob of about 5 girls running towards you, your head shot up and almost threw your phone out of your hands.

"Omgod i cant believe its really you!" One of them said gripping her phone tight in her hand. "What are you doing back in Australia?!" Another one asked. You looked away from the other girl trying to not look upset. "Um, i was just a bit homesick, so I'm back for a while" you lied trying to smile at her, "aw" they said giving you a sympathetic smile. "Can we have a picture". "Yeah sure" you said getting behind the camera with all of them.

"Thank you so much" one of them smiled holding the camera. "No problem, sorry i should really get going" you said pointing behind you. "Okay bye" they waved. You rolled your suitcases behind you putting your iPhone back into your handbag and walking outside to look for a taxi.

Jai's Pov:

You looked at mum waiting for her answer.

"He can get you out of the next few events this week" she said looking up at you.

"When can i leave" you said straight away.

"Jai i really d-----", you cut her off, "no mum, i need to go" you said not letting her finish.

She took a deep breath, "theres a flight later on tomorrow afternoon" she said disappointed that you were actually going to ho through with this.

"What are you gonna do when you get there" beau asked with his hands in his pockets looking at the ground.

"I don't know, i haven't really thought that far ahead" you shrugged biting your lip. " but i guess ill find out tomorrow" you said looking up at them. Its about 10:30pm, "i think I'm gonna have a early night" you said walking over to mum and kissing her on the head. "Night sweetheart" she whispered as you walked away. " night jai" the rest of them waved from the outdoor chairs.

Your pov:

It was about a 30 minute drive to your house. As the taxi driver pulled into your street you saw the street lights light up the pitch black road, its 8:34pm, and honestly, it feels good to be back in Australia, you missed feeling the humid weather.

You taxi driver started to slow down as he pulled into the drive way. You both got out as he stopped the car, getting your suitcases out of the boot.

"Thank you" you said passing him the fare and he jumped back in the taxi, slowly reversing.

You stood back, looking at the house. You took a deep breath as you gripped the handles on your suitcases rolling them behind you to the porch

As you pulled them up the deck stairs you stood at the front door gripping your handbag tightly. *knock knock knock*, a light switched on in the entrance way

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