I miss you. Part #8

Your Pov:

You all made it back to the house, the boys raced to the front door while you and jai just walked behind holding hands. "Twitcam!" skip screamed as he burst through the front door, "shhh skip, mum, ronnie and mariam are probably sleeping you egg!" Luke said in a sassy voice following behind him to the living room where the laptop was set up already on the coffee table. You all sat down, beau in the middle, skip on his left next to him, james on the other side of him, luke sitting on the floor infront of the laptop and you and jai sitting on the back of the couch behind them. "okay guys start sending in some questions and we might do a few dares too!" beau said waving his hands at the webcam, "question from (*Random twitter name*) said 'luke i dare you to lick skips toe" james said giggling covering his mouth. "ugh come on man!" luke said not looking too happy about what he was about to do. skip lifed up his foot, "ugggggghh!, Kid youre disgusting!" luke said wipping his tongue with his jumper, you and the rest of the boys were trying you hardest not to gag.

"okay now some questions" beau said will scanning the livestream on the screen. Beau red out the next question, "(Y/N and jai what are you guys doing for your 2 year anniversary", You looked at jai, "ummm, dont really know yet but im sure we'll plan something special" jai said smiling kissing your forehead, "Yuck, we've had to deal with this all day!" daniel said taking to the webcam pointing at you and jai. "Whens your next video?", "we're gonna be filming it in the next couple of days, (Y/N) you should be in our next one!" luke said with wide eyes waiting for your answer. you hesitated for a moment cause you didnt know how the fans would react, but you thought it would be fun, "okay, sure"you said smiling back at luke.

"lets take this into the kitchen, i need to cook me some chicken!" luke said getting up, you all walked to the kitchen, luke was cooking on the stove, skip james and beau were kicking the soccer ball in the kitchen too and you and jai were sitting on top of the breakfast bar watching. "next question, jai and (Y/N) can you guys film the 'girlfriend boyrfriend tag and boyfriend does my make-up please from (*random twitter name*)" all the boys looked at you and jai while they were still carrying on with what they were doing, you and jai looked at each other.

Jais Pov:

"yeah i think that would be fun" you said looking at (Y/N) "we'll film it after our next group video goes up" you said smiling. Luke was reading through some of the questions on the laptop and didnt even notice james, beau and skip throwing random stuff from the pantry into the fry pan that he had his food cooking in. You jumped of the breakfast bar and stood in between (Y/N) legs while she was still sitting up on the counter, "i love you" you said wrapping your arms around her waist getting closer. "i love you too jai" (Y/N) said laughing and pecked you on the lips. You two stayed like thatjust hugging until the boys noticed. "ugh not again, get a room guys!" james said laughing covering his eyes. "Youre just jealous!" jai said smirking at them pulling you in tighter .

Luke pulled his chicken out of the fry pan and put it on the plate. The boys were all looking at each other trying not to laugh until he took a bite out of it. "what the fuck!, what is this!" Luke said with his mouth open. "Nutella, pepper, chilli, peanut butter and chicken" skip said smirking until he bursted out laughing with the other boys. "What the fuck!" luke said putting his plate in the sink. He knew it was only a joke, but the boys couldnt help themselves.

"Okay guys, thats it for tonight thanks for watching, oh guys the goodbye song!" beau yelled looking at the boys "oh yeah" they all said getting into frame. "goodbye goodbye, goodbye goodbye, we'll see you in a little while..................." they all sang waving their hands. the song ended, "bye guys!" they all waved and pressed end recording.

its pretty late now so you all decided to go to bed, "night boys" (Y/N) said giving the kisses on the cheek.You and (Y/N) walked hand in hand up to your room and shut the door behind you. "ugh what a day!" (Y/N) falling on the bed. "I know, we should probably get some sleep" You said getting into your boxers. (Y/N) changed into her pjs and got in bed, You pulled her close to you so her head was resting on you chest. "goodnight baby" you said kissing the top of her head, "night jai" she smiled slowly closing her eyes.

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