Warning: If you don't like 'Dirty Scenes' its probably best you don't read this part


Your Pov:

You and jai walked up the stairs he waddled right behind you cuddling himself into you all the way to the bedroom. You opened the bedroom door and jai shut it behind you both. You smiled seeing the stars shining outside through the doors on the balcony in jai room. You walked over to towards the door and turned the handle, the doors swinging open, You stepped onto the cool concrete balcony and held onto the railing, You threw your head back smiling up at the stars, You felt warm arms wrap around your body and pull you in close, You head rested on jais shoulder, with you both looking up at the stars. "Its beautiful" you smiled, "yes, you are" he smiled down at you. You still had your head against his shoulder he placed a soft kiss on your lips, You both smiled into the kiss. You turned around to face jai and wrap your arms around his neck. The kiss started to get heated and passionate. Jai started to walk backwards inside still kissing you all the way towards the bed. Moans escaped your lips as he kissed down your neck, "jai" you whispered with your head flung back giving him more access.

He slowly lifted your top over your head, you unbuttoned his jeans, never breaking the kiss. He pushed you down on the bed and you smirked at him. He ripped of his Button up shirt, exposing his v-line, you bit your bottom lip and smiled. "you like this?" he Smirked at you. You just nodded your head. He slowly got on the bed and began to pull of your underwear,until you were laying there naked. You pushed him down on the bed and pulled his boxers off. His dick sprung up and his him on the stomach, you smirked at him and took it in your hand slowly stroking it. "Don't be a tease!" he said looking up at you, You giggled and started stroking him faster. Jai flung his head back and started mumbling your name. You took his tip in your mouth and started bobbing your head up and down. "omgod (Y/N), Yes, Faster babe!" jai moaned squeezing his eyes shut, You went faster bobbing your head up and down, "im gonna cum!" jai yelled. You took him out of your mouth and got on top of him.

Jais Pov:

"You ready babe" You smirked at (Y/N) positioning yourself at her entrance. She nodded and you slammed into her, She went up and down, faster with every thrust. "mmmm" She moaned holding onto your chest, "Keep going baby" You said grabbing her hips as she jumped up and down. "Jai i-im G-o........." She mumbled. "Roll over" you said getting up. She lay down on her stomach and you got on top of her, You positioned yourself and slammed in again, "fuck!" (Y/N) screamed grabbing a hold of the sheets. "Say my name baby" You smirked. "jai i cant hold it for much longer" She said still holding tight to the sheets, "go baby". You both came and you fell down beside her. "That was amazing" You said out of breath. "You get better every time" You smirked laughing, "shut up" (Y/N) laughed. She rolled over so she was laying down facing you underneath the covers. "Babe, we've got the 'Catching fire Premiere' tomorrow night, You wanna come?" You smiled laying your head down next to her.

Your Pov:

"i don't know, i don't really feel like its my place to be there" you said worried, "babe, i love you, where ever i have to go its your place" Jai smiled grabbing your hand from under the covers. "I love you too, and i wanna support you but", "but what, if you wanna support me you should be there" jai said back straight away. "you don't understand jai its not that easy, i have to worry about what people say about me 24/7" You said looking at your and jais hands interwhined. "babe, i know you, your family knows you, your friends know you, the boys know you and thats all that matters okay" jai smiled squeezing your hand. You smiled back at him, "plus i don't even have anything to wear" you giggled. "we'll go out shopping tomorrow, its not until night time, we'll have plenty of time", "okay i guess so" you sighed. "yay thanks baby" he said kissing your on the cheek. "Anything to support you jai" You blushed. "night babe, Love you" he said kissing you on the lips, "night jai". You fell asleep facing each other with your hands still interwhined

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