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*Your POV*


I stirred in the bed sheets letting out a small yawn as I tried to adjust to the light from the windows, jai's grip tighted on my waist as I turned to face the window.

"Morning beautiful" a sleepy Jai whispered in my ear as I lay with my back to him, i just looked up at him smiling. I lift jai's arm off me throwing the covers off my side and going over to the balcony doors, I open the blinds. "Ahhh" jai exaggerates as the warm sun hits his face I just laugh in reply. "It looks like a nice day today" I Say looking out at the view. I wrap my arms tight around me as I feel a breeze, but then I feel a warm body come up behind me and engulf me in a hug. "Well then we should go out and do something" "just me and you" jai smiles with his head leaning on top of mine. "Like what?"

"Um we could go to the beach?", "yeah okay" I smile turning around and giving him a quick peck on the lips.

"I'll meet you downstairs" jai says as he opens the bed room door

I nod and go into the bathroom. After having a quick shower i throw on my white 'triangl' bikini set and put my hair into a messy pony tail. Over the top i wear a baggy see through ish tank and some denim shorts and my black havianas.

Getting to the bottom of the stairs i make my way into the kitchen where I can hear everyone talking. "Morning" i smile walking into the room over to jai, where he's leaning against the bench sipping on a water bottle. "So I see he came back?" Luke smiles as jai puts his arm around my shoulder, I nod and give a big smile back, "i told you he would" beau says putting his dishes in the sink. "I know", jai leans down kissing me on the lips.

"So what are your guys' plans for today?" Daniel asks spinning on the bar stool at the bench next to James. "We're going to the beach later on" jai replies screwing the lid on his bottle.

"What about you guys?" I ask, "probably just gonna hit up the gym I think" Luke says.


We hung around the house for a bit just doing some tidying up and hanging out and then the boys headed off to the gym and me and jai to the beach


We arrived at the beach finding a park, as jai locked the car, he got a blanket out of the boot and one to sit on as we had underestimated how breezy it was. We found a spot in the sand not to far away from the car, jai spread one of the blankets out on the sand and I sat down, he wrapped the other one around both of our shoulders and his arm around me.

The sun was just setting and the Orange gleam egnighted the sky and reflected off of the bright blue water. "I love it here" I smile looking at the waves rolling onto the sand, "me too" jai smiles down at me placing a kiss on the side of my head.

"(Y/N)" jai says breaking the slight silence, "yeah"

"Can we talk", "what do you mean?" I laugh looking up at him, "about everything" he simply replies. I continue to look at him and he continues, "I'm sorry for leaving last nig---" "jai you don't need to be sorry I already told you" I say looking down at my lap. "Please, just hear me out"

"These past couple of weeks have been, well, crazy--", i small smile comes over my mouth as i listen to him continue "we've been through so much and I'm so grateful that you're still here, by my side, through it all, I'm sure anyone else would've left by now, I don't know how you do it", i put my hand on his lap and he intertwined our fingers

He plays with our fingers as he continues to talk "Everything's been changing lately and crazy stuffs been going on Around us" then he makes eye contact with me. "But the only thing that's stayed the same, was my love for you" he says giving a small smile down at me, I stretch up my head and grab his face with my hands kissing him on the lips, "I love you" I say with my hands on his face.

"I love you too baby" He grabs my hands and kisses me on the lips one more time with a smile.

I lean back down but leaving our fingers inter winded "Im not going anywhere" I smile at him as i run my thumb over the back of his hand.

"Ride or die" he smirks putting his pinky finger up to me, I smile interlocking mine too, "ride or die", he pulls me into a kiss with our pinkies still locked in his lap...

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