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Your Pov:

You slowly begin to open your eyes, You look over to the clock on the bedside and it reads 8:05am. You stretch your arms in the air and let out a quiet yawn. you roll over and see jai with his back to you still sleeping. You smile to yourself, you quietly try to move closer to him and whisper in his ear. "Happy anniversary baby" you whisper in his ear smiling. You see a smile spread across his face, "Happy anniversary" He says smiling with his eyes still shut. "so what are we gonna do today?" You smile rolling onto you back next to him, he rolls onto his side with his arm holding his head up smiling "Dont worry babe, I've got it sorted" he kisses you on the cheek. "what are we doing!" you say excitedly, "You'll have to wait and see" he winks, "come on jai, just tell me!" you whine throwing your hands up in the air. "No, its a surprise!" he smirks. "ugh fine, im gonna hop in the shower" you giggle throwing the covers off you. "mind if i join you" he smirks, you just look over your shoulder and smirk at him and continue walking to the bathroom, him taking that as a yes. You see him jump up and follow you, you make it to the door way and turn around him bumping into your chest, "wanna play hard to get with not telling me the surprise?, we'll two can play at that game" you smirk and slowly shut the bathroom door on him, "OH come on!" he shouts, you giggle to yourself and turn on the shower.

Once you get dressed you make your way downstairs to where everyones sitting in the kitchen around the counters, You walk over to jai and he puts his arm around your waist. "hey babe?" he asks, "yeah?" you smile looking down at him. "we were just taking about what were doing today, and the boys wanna know if i can go to the gym with them?" he says, "And i wanted to know if you wanna go out to breakfast, Just Gina, you and i?" mariam says excitedly smiling at you. "of course you can jai" you smile, "and id love to mariam!" you smile at her. "Okay, ill just get my bag and then we'll head out" she says walking up to her and Ronnie's room. "Babe you sure you dont mind me not hanging out with you this morning? seeing as its our anniversary and all?" jai says worried looking at the ground. "no babe!, its fine and you said we were doing something later on tonight right" you smiled at him, "well yeah" he smiled, "well then its fine" you said rubbing his back. "okay, ready to go (Y/N) ?" mariam said putting her bag over her shoulder and giving ronnie a kiss, with gina following close behind. "Yeap", "see you later babe" you said giving jai a kiss, and all 3 of you walked out the front door.

Jais Pov:

Mum mariam and (Y/N) walked out the door. "Okay boys, we need to set everything up!" you said in a panicked voice. "Jai calm down, we have heaps of time!" Beau shouted. "We still need to set up the candles, flowers, music, clean the house! and you guys have to make the food!" you said in one breath. "Oh yeah i forgot about us having to cook, Thanks alot baby daniel" Luke said looking at skip, "It'll be fun!" he said throwing his hands up and you all just rolled your eyes at him. "Anyway lets start cleaning" you said jumping off the stool.

Your Pov:

You gina and mariam made it to 'Toast' and sat down at your table, you ordered pancakes and orange juice and mariam and gina both ordered bacon and eggs. You handed your menu and waited for your food. "hey" you said getting the girls attention, "Do you think its weird how jai didn't wanna spend our anniversary morning together?" you asked them playing with your hands. "no, he said he had something planned for later didn't he?" gina smiled, "yeah i guess, i just thought he'd want to spend the whole day together" you said confused. "(Y/N), he loves you so much he just probably want tonight to be perfect, whatever he has planned" Mariam laughed. "Yeah probably" You smiled feeling stupid for thinking some thing was wrong. Your food came to the table and you thanked the waiter.

Jais Pov:

We finished cleaning the house and now i was setting up outside. It was about 4pm now and the sun was about to set in a couple of hours, i put a black table cloth over the table, and scattered rose petals around the candles that were on top of the table. There were rose petals spread out on the concrete and candles, We went a bit over board and made then float in the pool too. I put on some faint music in the background, i quickly texted (Y/N) to see where she was.

Me: "hey babe, having fun? where are you guys?

(Y/N): "Hey baby yeah a lot! haha we decided to do a bit of shopping after breakfast and got a bit carried away:/ haha be home soon xx

Me: aw thats good! , id say all day lol okay see you soon :) xx

I finished texting (Y/N) and went to check on what the boys were up to. I walked in through the door and they were all cooking. "Guys she said shes gonna be here soon" You said walking up to them and patting james on the back, "all good bro, were right on time" daniel smiled. "awesome, what are you guys making?" you asked curious. "Chicken and pasta, Salad and Chocolate cake" Luke said stirring the pot, "sounds good, Thanks for helping me guys, id be freaking out if it wasn't for you" you smiled. "anytime" they smiled back." im gonna go get ready upstairs" you said walking out of the kitchen, "okay" they yelled back



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