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Your Pov:


You felt a smile spread across your lips as jai rested his head on your shoulder from behind. His strong arms tight around your waist as you dried your hands from the sink. You slowly turned around, Jai's grip not coming off as you did. The smile was still plastered on your lips as your arms found his neck.

He leant down slowly as your lips brushed against each other, he smiled into the kiss pulling you even closer to him as he lifted you up, your legs dangling by his sides around his waist.

You disconnected your lips from each other both smiling as he held you up still. "Do you wanna stay over?" You asked nervously. You knew what the answer was going to be, Jai's smile got even wider as he simply nodded his head.

You smiled as jai gently let your feet touch the ground, you still held his hand walking upstairs to your room.


you got to your room http://weheartit.com/entry/59530687/via/xofiee

(But night time of course)

You and jai sat on the bed against the headboard. "What do you wanna do?" You yawned looking up at the ceiling. You looked back down and saw jai smirking, "jai i know what you're thinking" you said hitting his chest. He laughed, "this isn't exactly taking it slow, doing that would just ruin everything we've got through these past 2 days" you said looking up at him.

"I know babe" he laughed brushing a piece of hair behind your ear.

"We should probably get some sleep, I'm starting to feel that jet lag" jai laughed rubbing the back of your hand, "me too" you smiled. You got up off the bed you turned around taking off your sweats and jumper, leaving you in your underwear. You turned back around and saw a shocked jai, "don't get too excited" you laughed rolling your eyes getting back under the covers.

Jai took his sweats off under the covers and his shirt. You lay your heads on the pillow facing each other. He grabbed your hands from under the cover.

"Night baby" he smiled kissing your forehead. "Night jai" you smiled closing your eyes, the only noise heard was the waves down on the beach

-The next morning-

You woke up sprawled across the bed and jai laying next to you on his stomach with one arm tight around your waist. You struggles to get out of his grip.

Finally you gently placed his arm off and tip toed to the bathroom, quietly shutting the door behind you, you let the shower steam fill the room as you stepped in. You scrubbed your body and shaved. For a while you just stood under the water with a massive smile on your face, you haven't been this happy in a while.

You turned the shower off and reached out the shower door for your towel. As you moved your hands around your eyes widened. You forgot a towel. You didn't know what to do you covered your self up with your arms as much as you could slowly opening the bathroom door. Jai wasn't in type bed, lucky for you.

You tip toed across the room to the dresser where the towels were. "Uh um" jai cleared his throat. "Omgod!" You screamed spinning around in shock covering yourself with your arms. "Its not like i haven't seen it all before babe" jai laughed, "still!" You said snatching the towel off the dresser and wrapping it around you.

You looked over to the bed, there was a tray, bowl of cereal some fruit and and orange juice, and some flowers. "Did you do that?" You said in shock pointing to the tray on the bed. Jai smiled nodding his head. "Babe", you walked over to him kissing him on the lips.

"I was wondering if you wanna do a twitcam today" he smiled running his hand across your cheek, "are you sure?" You said nervously. "Yeah why?", "i think everyone had noticed that something was wrong, with us" you said looking up at him biting your lip.

"Maybe before, but we have nothing to worry about babe" he smiled holding your cheek. "Okay" you smiled.

"Im just gonna jump in the shower quickly" he said kissing the top of your head and walking over to the bathroom.

You caught yourself smiling as you held the towel tight around you going to the closet ...........

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