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brooks & hale by infinitely_finite
brooks & haleby infinitely_finite
brooks and hale should be perfect. the sparks are there, the lingering looks and secretive smiles, the chemistry essential to any perfect romance. the only problem? ne...
  • gay
  • boyxboy
  • wattpride
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Social Media // Chance Sutton by Cece20102
Social Media // Chance Suttonby Sierra 20102
"Ohio Babe & Ohio chicken, life can't get better than this" "Ohio Babe?" "Yeah, she was born and raised In London for half her life then moved t...
  • sutton
  • nick
  • twitter
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Right From The Start|Logan Paul Fanfic[COMPLETED] by torixreadzz
Right From The Start|Logan Paul torixreadzz
First you start off as being best friends with Jake, Logan, and a girl Jadyn cuz why not. You lived with your grandparents, your parents left you. One day your mom comes...
  • bullying
  • team10
  • beamaverick
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True love - Andrew Siwicki  by user05490653
True love - Andrew Siwicki by Wannabewriter
If loving you is wrong then I don't want to be true. I gave up on love and here you came. And ever since I met you you've been on my brain, Macie. - Andrew Siwicki
  • tessa
  • dawson
  • martineztwins
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The Devil's Grin - A One Piece Fanfic (ON HOLD) by 87firestrike
The Devil's Grin - A One Piece Just call me dander
Everything has changed. I was once considered great and powerful. But I was betrayed by those I thought I could trust. And because of them I have lost everything dear to...
  • manga
  • zoro
  • mystery
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Aconitum Napellus by bb_marie24
Aconitum Napellusby bb_marie24
Atalie Brooks has lived most of her life separated from the outside world. Her parents were killed protecting her and their pack from hunters who would stop at nothing u...
  • girlfriend
  • hurt
  • romance
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The Light In My Darkness •James Sirius• by WeasleyGirl04
The Light In My Darkness •James Tuft
~~~~~~~ Every family has A story to tell. Welcome to ours ~~~~~~~ Amber Melonie Brooks. A young, beautiful 15 year old. Daughter of Andrew Brooks and the late Layla Bro...
  • jamesxamber
  • jamber
  • jamessiriuspotter
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Tracker? - James Conrad by Star_enterprise_1701
Tracker? - James Conradby Kat Morningstar
Victoria has been stuck on Skull Island for nearly 4 years, nearly ten times less than Hank Marlow. From the day she arrived she was worshipped like a queen. What will h...
  • jack
  • king
  • army
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Lost in a Dream • Social Media (Discontinued) by thezionkuwonu
Lost in a Dream • Social Media ( emily ♛
PART ONE: chapters 1 - 103 jacqueline - instagram "she's a ghost writer, but a member of the band" the fan said. [lower case intended] [began: october 4, 2017]...
  • loganpaul
  • jackjohnson
  • wilk
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The brooks brothers Little sister  (a janoskian fanfic) by AshtonsArmy94
The brooks brothers Little AshtonsArmy94
Elle is just a normal girl from Melbourne, Australia. However there's one other thing, her brothers are 3/5 of the Janoskians!
  • beau
  • sister
  • little
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Nathan's Fake Girlfriend ✓ by yen-xxi
Nathan's Fake Girlfriend ✓by >_<
A book of nerds, bad boys and revenge. "I'm a mess you don't wanna fix." Nathan Brooks wants to get back at his ex-girlfriend Chelsea for cheating on him. The...
  • abuse
  • lies
  • brooks
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The Tormenter ǁ Jai Brooks by Amysusie
The Tormenter ǁ Jai Brooksby Amysusie
Cherry Ambrose was the type of girl who did all her homework, had almost no friends and invisible to all. But that was 3 years ago so what will Jai Brooks think off her...
  • lukebrooks
  • janoskians
  • brooks
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Endlessly ➳ T. Holland by outrojennie
Endlessly ➳ T. Hollandby jess
@lucieh: @tomholland1996 my friend thinks ur cute @tomholland1996: @lucieh who is this friend? OR, in which Brooks Smith meets Tom Holland through her best friend'...
  • media
  • marvel
  • brooks
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Ethan Wacker's Big Sister  ~Jessa~  by livingfortessabrooks
Ethan Wacker's Big Sister ~Jessa~ by livingfortessabrooks
[COMPLETED] What happens when Ethan's big sister (Tessa Brooks) meets the one person she hates more than anyone else? The one and only Jake Paul, does she fall for him...
  • tessa
  • paul
  • loganpaul
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Kessa / Defining Love by MadisonBellizia
Kessa / Defining Loveby Madi Blitz
This is story of true friendship, true love and healing broken hearts Kian Lawley x Tessa Brooks
  • kian
  • fanfiction
  • kessa
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Someone to Hold by AnaBeverhausen
Someone to Holdby AnaBeverhausen
Dear God Series - 4 Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, right? And weddings are supposed to be joyous? Stand-up paddleboarding is a non-contact sport, isn't it? And s...
  • brianhanerjr
  • zacky
  • brookswackerman
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~instagram~ by sunnyxclayton
~instagram~by sunnyXclayton
in which a boy named zach comments on a girl named Ryann's Instagram page
  • zack
  • ray
  • teen
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Diary Of a Toxic Relationship by KiaLovexo
Diary Of a Toxic Relationshipby Shakil Robinson
How can a man build you up so high, then tear you apart until you don't even recognize your own reflection in the mirror? How can a woman give you her heart and then tak...
  • danielle
  • life
  • toxic
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Alive (Sequel to Breathing) by AnnMarie119712
Alive (Sequel to Breathing)by Ann Marie
This is the sequel to Breathing. Highest ranking in FanFiction so far #32.
  • niall
  • payne
  • sheeran
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Angel's True Smile (One Piece) by EmmaBladock
Angel's True Smile (One Piece)by BlackWhite
I love One Piece and Zoro, so i decided to make another fanfiction! this time we meet our character before the grand line!
  • zoroxreader
  • adventure
  • fights
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