breathin ↬ s. rollins by h2gkmo-
breathin ↬ s. rollinsby 𝐬𝐩𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐲 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐞.
𝐁𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐍; rebuild, redesign, reclaim ! ━━━ in which the architect falls for the best in the world's sister. ( 2018...
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Ethan Wacker's Big Sister  ~Jessa~  by livingfortessabrooks
Ethan Wacker's Big Sister ~Jessa~ by livingfortessabrooks
What happens when Ethan's big sister (Tessa Brooks) meets the one person she hates more than anyone else? The one and only Jake Paul, does she fall for him or leave him...
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Right From The Start|Logan Paul Fanfic[COMPLETED] by torixreadzz
Right From The Start|Logan Paul torixreadzz
First you start off as being best friends with Jake, Logan, and a girl Jadyn cuz why not. You lived with your grandparents, your parents left you. One day your mom comes...
  • emillio
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The Devil's Grin - A One Piece Fanfic (ON HOLD) by 87firestrike
The Devil's Grin - A One Piece Just call me dander
Everything has changed. I was once considered great and powerful. But I was betrayed by those I thought I could trust. And because of them I have lost everything dear to...
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Social Media // Chance Sutton by Cece20102
Social Media // Chance Suttonby Sierra 20102
"Ohio Babe & Ohio chicken, life can't get better than this" "Ohio Babe?" "Yeah, she was born and raised In London for half her life then moved t...
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The Light In My Darkness •James Sirius• by WeasleyGirl04
The Light In My Darkness •James WeasleyGirl
~~~~~~~ Every family has A story to tell. Welcome to ours ~~~~~~~ Amber Melonie Brooks. A young, beautiful 15 year old. Daughter of Andrew Brooks and the late Layla Bro...
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True love - Andrew Siwicki  by user05490653
True love - Andrew Siwicki by Wannabewriter
If loving you is wrong then I don't want to be true. I gave up on love and here you came. And ever since I met you you've been on my brain, Macie. - Andrew Siwicki
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Lost in a Dream • Social Media (Discontinued) by thezionkuwonu
Lost in a Dream • Social Media ( emily ♛
PART ONE: chapters 1 - 103 jacqueline - instagram "she's a ghost writer, but a member of the band" the fan said. [lower case intended] [began: october 4, 2017]...
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Nathan's Fake Girlfriend ✓ by yen-xxi
Nathan's Fake Girlfriend ✓by >_<
A book of nerds, bad boys and revenge. "I'm a mess you don't wanna fix." Nathan Brooks wants to get back at his ex-girlfriend Chelsea for cheating on him. The...
  • jade
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What It Takes - Anthony Trujillo by team10trujillo
What It Takes - Anthony Trujilloby team 10 fanfiction
[Completed] I'll do what it takes to fix a broken person. I'll do what it takes to fix your shattered heart. I'll do what it takes to see your smile again. I'll do what...
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Endlessly ➳ T. Holland by outrojennie
Endlessly ➳ T. Hollandby jess
@lucieh: @tomholland1996 my friend thinks ur cute @tomholland1996: @lucieh who is this friend? OR, in which Brooks Smith meets Tom Holland through her best friend'...
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Team 10 by lizzzxsmith
Team 10by Liz❤️
Emilia Rodriguez always wanted to be a part of team 10 when suddenly all her dreams come true.
  • oakley
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A New Beginning (Adopted by Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks) by JergiBeanie
A New Beginning (Adopted by Jessica Messica
DISCLAIMER: i wrote this book when i was 15 years old so there's gonna be bad grammar and possible spelling errors and some things that not might be realistic. however i...
  • adoption
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Rebellious • Anthony Trujillo *Completed* by MidnxghtMoonlight
Rebellious • Anthony Trujillo * Midnxght
re·bel·lious rəˈbelyəs/ adjective adjective: rebellious showing a desire to resist authority, control, or convention. "young people with a rebellious streak" s...
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Diary Of a Toxic Relationship by KiaLovexo
Diary Of a Toxic Relationshipby Kia Robinson
How can a man build you up so high, then tear you apart until you don't even recognize your own reflection in the mirror? How can a woman give you her heart and then tak...
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Wrong Number 💗 JakePaul FanFiction  by SmexyyPaul
Wrong Number 💗 JakePaul SmexyyPaul
[First FanFiction. Just learning] "It took 9 months to make my heart.. it took you 9 seconds to brake it.."
  • ivan
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frenemies :: luke brooks by alrightlosangeles
frenemies :: luke brooksby chelsea
❝Why do you hate me so much?❞ ❝I didn't say I hated you❞ ❝Yeah you did❞ One detention changes it all
  • lukebrooks
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Team 10; Groupchat (on hold) by cultcolby
Team 10; Groupchat (on hold)by .・゜゜・W・゜゜・.
Jake Paul added you to the group chat. (Chance Sutton)
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Jessa by last_jen
Jessaby Jen
-completed- I regret this story and I don't like it so im just keeping here. I made this when i was 11 now im literally 13 as im writing this soo ew Tessa asked him &quo...
  • loganpaul
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Under The Full Moon {Teen Wolf} by PrincessOfNerds
Under The Full Moon {Teen Wolf}by Spongebob Squarepants
Scott McCall was an ordinary boy who was falling for an ordinary girl. Right? Wrong. Turns out both sides have deadly secrets...
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