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Your Pov:

You wake up to jai breathing lightly on the back of your neck at small snores escape his lips as you start to stir. You try to lift his arm off your waist, "mmm" he whines pulling you closer. "Jai we have to get up" you say struggling. "No" he whinges as you turn to face him. You laugh at him squeezing his eyes shut as you brush your hand across his bare skin.

"I slept so good" he smiles with his eyes shut. "Me too" you smile, "i think its because i have you with me" he says opening his eyes. You reach off the bed pulling up your laptop. As you lay your head on the pillow still next to jai you place the laptop on your lap opening up safari.

"What are you doing" jai asks slowly opening his eyes. "Flights" you say quietly smiling down at him. A smile spreads across his lips kissing you on the arm.

"The earliest one is tomorrow" you say looking down at him biting your lip. "Tomorrow?"

"Do you wanna go?" You ask. "Are you sure", "I'm in if you are" you smile staring at his sleepy eyes. "Lets do it" he smiles. You put your laptop next to you hopping on top of jai. "Yay were going back!" You smile bouncing up and down on jai with either of your legs on the side of his waist. He smiles but soon enough it turns into a smirk.

"Jai!" You whisper leaning down to him, you felt him go hard. "I cant help it! Its been a long time" he laughs looking up at you. "Not here" you tease jumping off. "Ugh" he whines seeing you walk to the closet.


You get changed into this

And head back to the bedroom. Jais over by his suitcase slipping on a tank top, you come up behind him snaking your arms around his waist.

He smiles as he turns to face you. "Hey babe i was thinking", "what". "Why don't you bring your suitcases to mine tonight and then we can head to the airport first thing" he smiles. "Stay the night at yours?" You ask. " yeah"

"Okay" you smile kissing him quickly. You walk over to the corner of the room pulling your suitcases out and putting them on the bed.


After hours of throwing clothes everywhere you're finally finished, you pull out your phone and take pic

"@(Y/T/N): Finally packed! Back to cali we go!;)
http://weheartit.com/entry/96269730/via/zainableopard "

You smile tweeting the picture. You see jai slump on the bed putting down his phone with a mischevious grin, "what?" You laugh. Your phone buzzes "@jaibrooks1: (Y/T/N) if only you guys could've seen the state of her room tho!:o ;)", "jai!" You laugh. He laughs walking over to you.

"You ready to go" he smiles down at you, you nod your head as he helps you roll your suitcases out your bedroom door.


"Okay were off" you smile at your mum, dad and siblings in the lounge. They all stand up coming towards you engulfing you in a hug. "Have a safe flight sweetheart" you dad smiles kissing you on the top of the head. " jai" he smiles shaking his hand patting him on the back type of hug (lol). "Im not gonna cry this time" your mum laughs hugging you tight. "Well maybe" she says getting a bit croaky, "mum". "I know I'm sorry!, so whats the plan are you staying at Jai's tonight" she asks trying to keep it together.

"Yeah then were gonna go straight to the airport tomorrow" you smile holding Jai's waist. "Well you two have a safe flight, and look after my baby please jai" she says pulling him in for a hug. "I will don't worry" he laughs.

"See you later munchkins" you laugh hugging the twins, they hug you and jai at the same time.

You both walk towards the door, "ill call you when we get to L.A" you smile with jai opening the door.

"Okay" your mum waves.

You and jai walk to your car putting the suitcases in. You were just gonna leave your car at Jai's then your dad would bring it home the next day. You start the engine with jai in the passengers side. You slowly pull out of the driveway, smiling at jai as he grabs your free hand.

"You ready for this babe" he smiles. "As long as I'm with you" you smile, he kisses the back of your hand as you look back to the road .


About 10 minutes later you arrive at jais house parking your car in the driveway, you both roll your suitcases to the house locking the car.

Once jai unlocks the front door he flicks on the light in the hallway shutting the door behind you. Its about 8:30pm.

Leaving your suitcases at the front door you walk into the kitchen. "Coffee need coffee" you moan pulling down a cup from the cabinet. Before you can grab the mug jai snakes his arms around you. "I had something else in mind" he whispers in your ear kissing your neck gently, a smile spreads across your lips.......

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