Your Pov:

You had a long hot shower, washing your hair and shaving your legs. After you got out you wiped the condensation off the mirror so you could see. Your mascara was under your eyes. You reached for your makeup wipes under the basin and wiped your face.

Switching the bathroom light off you walked back into your closet. You put this on (without the bag for now) and took your hair out of the towel going over to your makeup table and blowdrying your hair.

You left your hair how it was after blowdrying, just pining a few small strands up on each side.

You put on some concealer and mascara then made your way down stairs.

Jai's Pov:

You quietly shut your bedroom door, trying not wake anyone up. You slowly rolled your suitcases down the stairs behind your carefully.

As you reached the bottom you put them near the front door for when you're ready to go. You quietly walk into the pitch black kitchen. As you open the fridge the light egnights the room. You grab a water bottle from inside the door and unscrew the lid taking a sip. "Jai" you hear a whisper come into the room. "Fuck" you say spitting out the water in fright. You turn around, "Mum what the hell you almost gave me a heart attack" you say holding your chest.

"Sorry" she giggled tying up her dressing gown. "Did i wake you" you said. "No, you didn't think i was gonna let my baby leave without saying goodbye did you" she said squeezing your cheeks. "Mum stop" you whispered trying to get out of her grip.

"Is Ronnie dropping you off?" She asked leaning against the counter with her arms crossed. "Nah i called a driver".

"You nervous", "um yeah!" You said trying not to raise your voice. "Well, i don't want you to be pushy when you get there okay?" She said. "What do you mean"

"Jai i know when your passionate about something, you're gonna fight, but if she says she needs time, you give her time okay". "I know mum" you reply looking down screwing the lid back on the bottle.

"You can stay at home if she needs time okay" she says reaching up on the shelf and passing you the house key. "Thanks mum" you smile. You hear a faint beep outside.

"I guess thats my ride", "ill walk you out" mum smiles placing her hand on your back as you both walk towards the front door. You open the door quietly, mum helps you take your suitcase to the driver. After he put your bag in the boot he held your door open waiting for you to say your goodbyes.

"Well" you say shrugging and taking a deep breath as you look at mum. "Mum don't!" You say pulling her into a hug as you see her eyes get glassy when her arms are crossed. "Sorry" she says trying to pull her self together. "Have a safe flight okay" she says holding your face. "I will" you smile. "Now go get your girl" she says kissing you on the cheek and letting you go. "I love you mum" you smile standing at the car door. "I love you too"

You get in the car and the driver shuts the door. Mum still stands there with her arms crossed in her dressing gown as she waits for you to leave. You wave to her through the black tinted window and she blows a kiss waving back.

"Where to sir?" The driver asks looking at you in the rearview mirror. "L.A.X please "

He starts the engine and slowly drive up the steep drive way, mum doesn't stop waving for a second until your out of sight.

Your Pov:

You walk into the kitchen and see everyone sitting at the table. "Hey sweetheart" your dad says standing up hugging you. "Hey dad".

"(Y/N) !" Your little brother and sister yell jumping off their chairs hugging you at the same time. "I missed you guys" you giggled wrapping your arms around them. "Come sit down" your mum says.

You sit down at the table as mum dishes out the breakfast. "No too much for me mum" you say putting your hand up as she puts the bacon and eggs on your plate. They all look at you weird, "thats not like you (Y/N)" she says passing your plate back. "Not hungry i guess" you shrug.



As everyone eats their breakfast, you pick at it with your fork daydreaming. "You alright Darlin" your dad asks, "(Y/N)" he says a bot louder trying to snap you out of your daydream. "Huh" you say looking up at them. "You've bearly touched your breakfast" he points at your plate chewing his food.

"Oh, yeah not feeling so good jet lag i guess". "Well were gonna have a family day out, where do you wanna go?" You dad asks.

"Um i think I'm gonna stay in today" you say picking up your plate. "Just when i get you back you don't even wanna spend time with your old man?!" He over exaggerates. "Maybe tomorrow dad" you laugh patting him on the back as you place you plate in the sink and walk back up stairs.

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