Your Pov:


You and jai have just been cuddled up on your bed watching movies most of the day, you just got a text from your mum saying they'll be home soon. Jai sees the text and you can see the worry on his face. "Are you nervous" he say comforting him.

"Um yeah!, they're probably gonna murder me" he says looking down at you. "Jai they're not gonna murder you" you laugh. "Its gonna be fine" you say with your head on his chest rubbing circles with your fingers. Just then his phone starts to vibrate on the bedside next to him, he reaches over and looks at the screen. "Is it alright if i take this babe, its Jeremy" he says holding up his phone, "yeah sure", you sit up against the headboard and he releases you standing up from the bed.

"He remy whats up" jai says walking towards the balcony. You turn down the tv a little to hear whats going on.

Jai's Pov:

I walk out onto the balcony to take the call.

"Hey jai, i don't know an easy way to tell you this" Jeremy says

"Jeremy whats wrong"

"We need you to come back to L.A sooner rather than later, we can afford for you to miss anymore videos or events" he says with regret

"I know, but i need to be here right now remy, me and (Y/N) are finally getting back on track and i cant ruin that" i say biting my lip.

"Jai i know you guys have been going through a hard time, but we really need you back here"

Your Pov:

You can hear jai talking on the phone, you slowly get out of the bed and walk towards the doors leaning against the frame.

"Ill see what i can do, cya" he says taking a deep breath and hanging up the phone.

Jai leans his arms against the railing lowering his head, "fuck" he mumbles shaking his head. "What was that about" you say nervously walking out to balcony. Jai stands up straight turning to face you, he takes a deep breath. "Jeremy needs me back in L.A" he says slowly looking down at you. "When" you say quietly, "soon, not sure exactly".

"Why are you upset about it" you say slowly pulling yourself into him wrapping your arms around his waist , "we've finally started to work things out, now this could fuck it all up with me leaving" he said pulling you close.

"Hey who said you're leaving me, ill come back with you" you smile, "really" he says with a huge smile appearing on his lips. "Yeah, we were gonna go back sooner or later" you say brushing your hand across his cheek. "I know, but it might be sooner than we were thinking" he says a bit worried. "Ill go anywhere with you" you smile getting on your tippy toes kissing him gently. "I don't know what id do without you (Y/N)" he smiles brushing the hair out of your face. Then you heard your mum and dad and siblings pull up in the driveway, the worry was on Jai's face again.

"Its gonna be fine" you say comforting grabbing his hand and walking out your bedroom door.



You hear footsteps on the porch, jai grips you hand tighter as they come to the door. "(Y/N) were -----" she stops in her sentence as she sees you and jai standing at the bottom of the stairs. "Home" she continues shocked. "Come on kids inside" your dad says shooing your brother and sister in the house. "Jai!" They scream running towards you both. "Hey guys" jai smiles hugging them that are holding on tight to his leg.

"Whats going on here" you dad says a bit confused and angry. You can almost hear jai gulp as he looks up to your mum and dad staring at him in the doorway.

"Jai's here" you shrug trying to make it lighter. No one seems amused accept for your brother and sister that have finally let go of jai.

"Well will you be staying for dinner jai" your dad says trying to make conversation and it not awkward. "No thank you sir, i was just heading home, i don't want to intrude" jai says holding up his hand. "Jai, please" your mum says looking up at him.

"Um, only if you're sure" he says awkwardly. Your mum nods her head and walks into the kitchen with your dad following close behind her. You and jai just stand shocked at the bottom of the stairs.

"Um what just happened" jai asked confused. You don't even know what to say. "Guessing she hasn't told dad" you shrug biting your lip. "And when she does, there will be no more jai, theres gonna be two sad days, your dads trial and my funeral!" jai says whispering with a worried voice and raised eye brows.

You cant help but laugh, "jai, you should know by now that my dads not like that" you laugh quietly. "Yeah but when he finds out he might be". "Who says he's even gonna find out, its gonna be fine, breath" you say facing him. He takes a deep breath, you kiss him gently on the lips, "(Y/N), jai" your dad calls from the kitchen, breaking you out of the kiss. "Coming". "Breath you'll be fine" you smile kissing the back of his hand as you walk towards the kitchen.......

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