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Your Pov:
You've been flying for about 4 hours but you've been asleep for most of the time. You slowly batted your eyes open squinting your eyes at the late afternoon sun shining through.
You lifted up your head and realised you were resting on someones arm. As you saw their hand you shot your body up in shock. "Omgod I'm so sorry!" You exaggerated. "Nick?!" You said in shock as you looked up to his face. "Yeah" he laughed smiling.

It was the same guy you met at the premiere, you know, when everything went down.

"I don't even know what to say" you said in disbelief. "What are you doing going to Australia" you asked. "Visiting some family for thanks giving" he smiled closing his magazine. "Oh thats nice" you said sitting properly back down in your chair facing the one in front of you. "I haven't seen you since you ran out on us at the premiere, i honestly didn't think id ever see you again" he chuckled. "Yeah" you replied quietly trying not to think about that night.

"You never told me why you ran out on us, did i do something wrong?" He asked a bit worried. "No not at all!" You replied, "I'm just going through some stuff at the moment". "Everything okay?" He asked concerned. "It will be" you replied giving him a small smile then looking back out the window.

Jai's Pov:
When you finished packing your suitcases you zipped them up, and left them by the door in the bedroom, as you still had to figure out flights and tell everyone else what is going on.
You shut the bedroom door behind you, and jogged down the stairs to the kitchen were everyone was sitting around the breakfast bar, including mum, Mariam and Ronnie now.
As you walked in they all turned their heads to look at you. You rolled you eyes "i suppose the boys have told you" you said a bit annoyed. You stood next to mum at the counter and she placed her hand on your back.

"Darling are you sure its not best to give her some time?, just for now?" You asked cautiously with her hand still on your shoulder.

"Mum ill never forgive myself if i don't fight to stay with her, i cant lose (Y/N) she means everything to me" you said looking at her next to you.
You looked over and could see that Mariam still wasn't very happy with you after everything. As they boys and mum and Ronnie took the lunch outside you grabbed Mariam's arm before she did.

"Mariam can i have a word?" You asked. She hesitated a bit, but then nodded her head as you both sat at the stools at the breakfast bar.....................................
A/N: How'd you guys like this part???:)
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