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Your Pov:

We pull into the street, i look out the windows and see never ending groups of trees out lineing the footpaths, houses with massive gates, long driveways. Then i hear james talk again to the driver, "Just this house down the end", my heart starts racing, my stomach feels like its doing summersalts, Every second were getting closer, im not sure what im feeling, anxious, excited, scared, nervous?. The driver turns on his indicator and start pulling into the long, steep driveway, we come to a stop, Everyone starts to open the van doors and get out to help with my bags. I sit there in my seat for a moment and think about how this is gonna go. I pull myself together and put a smile on, We come up to the huge double front door, Beau puts the key in and turns the lock. "Wait!, how is this going to be a surprise!" i yell before beau can open the door. "oh yeah" he looks at me dopily(is that even a word:/ lmao). "wait here, we'll go inside and see where abouts he his" luke says, and they all walk in, me waiting behind the front door with my bags.

A moment passes and the boys come back out to get me, "he's sitting out by the pool, come on" james takes my hand and brings me inside. I walk in, trying to not let my jandals make to much noise on the tiles as we all walk through to the living room. And thats when i see him!, hes sitting outside on the chairs by the pool with the hookah. I try my best to contain my excitment even though all i want to do is run up to him and scream, i cant take the smile that is plastered to my face away. I start to quietly walk towards the doors leading to the pool, with the boys and gina following behind me but making sure to keep some distance. The butterflies start, my stomach is in nots, i walk down the step and step onto the hard concrete, jai has his back to me sitting on the chair. I walk closer and closer every step, my smile getting wider with each movement. Im right up behind him, i put my hands over his eyes while im standing behind his chair, He jumps a little in his seat, "dafuck!" he says under his breath, but not moving my hands. "Surprise" i get lower to his ear and whisper with a smile.

He takes a second to register what is going on. Next thing i know he jumps out of the chair and turns around to me. "(Y/N)!!!!, omgod what are you doing here!, i missed you so much!" he pulls me into the tightest hug ever with his hands around my waist and spins me around. "I missed you too jai!, so much" you whisper into his neck as he finshes spining you around. "Ease up ! youre hurting her!" daniel laughs. "(Y/N), i caant believe youre here, you have no idea how much ive been missing you!" he cup your cheeks with his hands, next thing you now youre kissing, youve missed feeling him hold you in his arms. You stop kissing but hes still got his hands on your cheeks and your arms around his waist. "okay thats enough!" james rolls his eyes and everyone starts giggling.

We look over at them all standing in the doorway staring at us with smiles on their faces.

Jais Pov:

i cant believe shes here ! my baby is finally here! with all the excitment i only just noticed mum standing there with the boys smiling at us both. "Mum!" gentely letting go of (Y/N) and running towards mum. "mum youre here too! i missed you guys so much" you yell. "i missed you too sweetheart" she smiles while theyre hugging. "youve got one special girl over there you know that?" gina nods over to me with a smile. "i certainally do" walking over to (Y/N) and putting my arms around her waist again. "okay now you boys must be hungry, who wants lunch!" gina laughs with daniel, james, luke and beau yelling "YES!" behind her, you and jai cant help but laugh at them. Leaving you two alone outside.

"(Y/N) i cant even tell you how happy i am right now, ive missed holding you in my arms" he says with a smile looking down into your big brown eyes. "Ive missed it too jai" you giggle into his chest. "wanna go inside and get something to eat"he asks. You smile up at him and nod. You two walk back into the house with jais arm around waist and yours around him and walk into the kitchen where everyone including mariam, jacob and ronnie are sitting at the breakfast bar.


Im contemplating on whether or not i should make the next part or the one after that dirty :/ lol tell me what you think 


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