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Your Pov:

You and jai started to walk down the stairs, "aw you guys look so cute" Gina smiled, as everyone turned to look at you both waiting at the front door. "You guys look cute too" you laughed. "Everyone ready?" jai said looking at everyone, they started to walk to the van in the driveway. He looked at you, and you nodded smiling at him. You walked towards the van waiting for you all. You mariam and gina in the back, James, Luke and jai in the middle row in front of you. Then daniel, beau in the front with ronnie. The driver started the van and you pulled out of the driveway. "Tonight is gonna be fun don't worry" Gina smiled patting your hand. You smiled back and turned the corner making your way to the premiere.





You made the last turn towards the event, as the van turned the corner the flashing lights and camera flashes lit up the whole street. You could hear fans screaming at celebrities that were already on the red carpet. Then you saw all of them, Fans shoving and pushing, Reaching their notepads through the metal barriers to celebrities. You felt your heart jump a little, The van lined up behind the other cars waiting to drop off people at the red carpet. And then it was your turn. The tinted windows on the white van made it impossible for fans to see who was in the van. The van came to a stop and you saw a man in a tux coming to open the doors. Jai looked back at you and mouthed "You ready babe", You smiled to hide the fear and nodded back.

The door opened, immediately you heard the screams of fans coming from behind the fences, The boys all got out and then it was left to you gina and mariam. Jai held the door open and you stepped out. He grabbed you hand and kissed you on the cheek as your feet touched the ground. Mariam and gina got out after you and stood next to the boys. You were all getting ready to walk the red carpet, You felt your heart jump as you caught a glimpse of the photographers attacking you all with flashes, The screaming girls holding out their pieces of paper, The People surrounding you all with clip boards and headsets on, And the celebrities on the carpet, Making it look so easy. The Lady with the clip board signaled for you all to make your way to the carpet. You started to walk as a group towards the flashes and the bright red carpet. "im not walking the carpet, right?" You said confused to jai, "mum ronnie and mariam arnt, but i was hoping you would" jai said looking at the ground. "are you sure jai, ive never done this before" You said shocked. "(Y/N), it'll be fine" he said grabbing your hand and walking towards the boys on the carpet. You walked past mariam and you saw her mouth "Smile, you'll be fine", You gave her a worried look.

Jais Pov:

I could see (Y/N) was nervous about walking the carpet. But she has nothing to worry about. We made our way to the boys that were already on the carpet. The were standing in front of all the paps, flashes left right and centre. They all stood next to each other in a line, You and (Y/N) joined on the end. You wrapped your arm tight around her waist and she had her arm around your back too. The paps started to yell questions. As time went on she started to get more comfortable and relaxed. "You're doing great babe" you whispered in her ear kissing her on the cheek. After this it went crazy, "Kiss kiss!" The paps yelled "Come on!". (Y/N) giggled and faced you, You smiled and looked deep into her eyes.....


Sorry if it was a bit short but i wanted to make sure there was enough interesting stuff going on in the next part too lol


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