Your Pov: (The next day)

You rolled over back onto your back as you heard the waves crashing down the bottom of the hill, your balcony doors were still open from last night.

You pulled yourself out of bed sitting on the edge thinking about everything that happened last night, you couldn't help but think what was going to happen or be said today when you meet up with jai.

You walked to your bathroom turning on the shower as the hot steam filled the room. Hopping in you washed your body with a scrub and washed your hair, only having a quick shower you wrapped a towel around your hair and one around your body as you stepped onto the shower mat.

You wiped the condensation off the mirror taking your hair out if the towel and spraying in a detangler brushing it out with your 'wet brush'.

You walked back in your room to your closet and put this on and sprayed yourself with some perfume.

Your hair had finished air drying so you ran the curler through making big waves and running your fingers through to make them more messy.

Just then your phone vibrated on your bedside.

Jai's pov:

Last night was probably the best I've had in a while, not sure if it was just being back home, in my own bed or knowing that (Y/N) agreed to talk about whats happened, either way it was good.

Its about 12 in the afternoon I've had a shower and got dressed. I put on my nirvana tank top, wrist bands, some dark blue denim shorts that come up to my knee and black vans.

Now all i had to do was text (Y/N)

Your Pov:

You walked over to your bedside and picked up your phone.

Jai: "hey wanna meet up for lunch to talk?"

You knew this was the time to talk about it.

You: "yeah meet you in 30?"

Jai: "yeah meet you at fed square:)"

You felt kinda guilty texting jai, like you were giving him false hope, cause you don't know if this even going to work out until you talk about it.

All you can do i try i guess.

You walked downstairs mum and dad had gone to work and your bother and sisters were at school. You got to the bottom grabbing your keys off the table and your bag, you slipped on some strappy jandals and locked the door behind you

You got in your car, putting your bag on the passenger seat you stared the engine and backed out of the driveway.

You had butterflies in your stomach thinking about everything thats about to happen as you drive out of the street

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