Your Pov:

It was a 20 minute drive to L.a.x and all you did was look out the window watching the trees and traffic pass you.

After awhile you reached the drop off area outside. The driver stopped and came to open your door, "Thankyou" You smiled as he reached to help you out. He went to the boot of the black car to get your suitcases. You stood on the curb taking a deep breath as you looked at the airport. "ma'am" The driver said snapping you out of your day dream. "Sorry, Thankyou" You smiled taking your suitcases from him. 

"Have a safe Trip" he smiled taking of his cap a little to you. "Thanks" You smiled, and started to walk towards the electiric doors. He got in the car and started the engine.

Jais Pov:

As the boys escouted you to the car, you got in and slammed the door shut. They didnt say a word, just started the engine.



You started to pull into the steep driveway. Before the car even came to a complete stop you flung the door open and ran as fast as you could to the front door. "jai" Beau yelled getting out from the back seat. You jiggled the handle but it was locked.

Flipping over the pot plant you got the key and stuffed it inside the lock. As soon as you heard the unlocking sound you threw the door open with the key still in it. "(Y/N), (Y/N)?!?!" You screamed coming threw the front door. You ran into every room down stairs, first the kitchen, "(Y/N) are you here!" You yelled throught the house. You sprinted back to the fouer and started to run up the stairs missing every second one. "Jai sh----" James yelled Before he could finish you were already up stairs.

You threw open the bedroom door and yelled her name again. Looking in the bathroom and closet scanning the room. As you came back into the bedroom with your hands behind you neck a piece of paper on the ready made bed caught your eye. You looked away and your eyes instantly shot back as you saw your name written on the front "Jai." in (Y/N) handwriting. You opened the dresser. Empty. All her stuff was gone, You felt you heart drop with fear and You ran towards the note and ripped the envelope of it. Heavily breathing you started to read.........


We both know these past couple of days have not been the easiest. I thought i could handle what was going on, But theres only so much i can take.

I wasnt easy seeing what was happening the other night, and i know its not the best to talk about it in the letter, But you need to know.

Ive decided it best to go home to australia, not only for myself but for both of us. Im so sorry i have to do this in a letter jai, But i just cant see you right now. I just need so time to myself. Im not sure for how long but i just need time.

What ever goes on, Just know that i love you with all my heart. And like i said on our anniversary, "Now and forever" That necklace is me with you" As you read you saw a tear stain on the writing. 

"........ No matter where i am ill always be with you jai. 

I hope your not angry with me for doing this. But i just need to be home.

Just know that this was the hardest decision ive ever had to make, But i know it'll be the right one in the end.

You're the best decision ive ever made to this day, and you always will be.


As you read the lst line of the letter a tear fell from your eyes and your head fell in your hands as you fell onto the bed leaning over with your arms supporting your weight. "Ja---" The boys yelled as they came into the room and saw you crying. "Shes gone" You whispered without looking at them. "Bro..." James said quietly rubbing your shoulder. They saw the letter next to you. You jumped up from your bed and quickly walked to the closet. "jai what are you doing?" Luke asked as you walked into the closet. "What does it look like. im going after her" You say coming back with a suitcase.........


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