Your Pov:

You've just woke up and gotten out of bed. You have on Jai's dress shirt Valerie | Tumblr on We Heart It

That comes just past you undies and your hair messily falling down your back. You creep out of the bed as you see jai still fast asleep in bed.


Making your way quietly downstairs the mess of the house engulfs your sight. "Holy shit" you whisper to yourself wide eyed as you walk through the house. Red cups everywhere, clothing items strewn across the floor, and empty drinks covering the benches tipped over everywhere. The house is silent, but its about 9 am guessing the boys are still asleep hung over you tip toe to the kitchen grabbing a black rubbish bag out of the cupboard under the sink.

Picking up cups and bottles and throwing them in the bag.

As you almost finish clearing the kitchen you hear grumbles come into the kitchen. You turn to see 5 boys holding their heads as they walk into the room. Beau and James are wearing hoodies Luke's wearing a t shirt and jai walks in behind shirtless wearing trackies.

"Sorry did i wake you guys" you ask apologetically. "Nah you're alright" beau says sitting at the barstool at the counter. "How you guys feeling" you laugh as they lay their heads against the counter top. "Like shit" jai moans kissing your head gently. "Aw" you mock. "My head is pounding" Luke says rubbing his temples, "looks like you guys had a good time" you say looking around. "Omgod" skip says turning around and looking at the state of the house. "Its ok I've got it" you laugh continuing to pick up the rubbish. "(Y/N you don-----", "its okay" you say cutting James off. "You guys go sit in the lounge ill bring you in some breakfast". "(Y/N). I love you." Luke says pulling himself off the barstool.


You have the five plates on the counter as you place the hot bacon, eggs and toast on each plate. Just as you finish the last plate you see you phone light up on the counter. Walking over to it you pick it up swiping your finger across the screen

Veronica: "in need of a girls day out!!!!"

You laugh to yourself reading the text

You: "yeeeess!!😳 taking care of the boys atm, hungover!, ill text you soon! :)x"

You pick up the plate one by one carrying them to the lounge, where the boys are laid across the couch starting a movie with the curtains shut. "Here you go" you say passing the plates to them over the couch. "Omgod i love you" skip says picking up his fork. "Thanks babe" jai smiles up at you as you stand behind him at the back of the couch, you smile down at him.

The movie starts, "babe" you whisper leaning down to Jai's ear behind him. "Yeah?" He says chewing his mouthful keeping his eyes on the tv. "Roni wants to have a girls day out today, are you guys alright" you ask wrapping your arms around his neck. "Yeah we'll be fine, you go have fun babe" he smiles. You smile back at him placing a kiss on his cheek and walking out of the room.

You thought to invite Mariam too. You reach the end of the hallway lightly knocking on the door. "Come in" you hear a muffle. You slowly creak open the door. "Hey" you whisper popping your head in. "Hey" Mariam yawns looking to you. The room is dark and you see Ronnie waking up next to her under the covers. "Me and roni are having a girls day out, you wanna come?" You whisper, "yeah that'll be cool ill just get in the shower" she says sitting up. "Ronnie theres some breakfast in the kitchen if you want it" you whisper.

"Thanks (Y/N)" he muffles into the pillow. Shutting the door quietly behind again you run up the stairs to the bathroom.


After having a quick shower you get changed into this

And ran some waves through your hair before grabbing your bag and heading back down downstairs. Walking into the kitchen you see Mariam grabbing a water out of the fridge. "Ready?" You ask. "Yeah ill just say bye to Ronnie". You both walk to the dark lounge where all the boys are watching a movie. "How ya feeling Ronnie?" You laugh. "Not good" he laughs kissing Mariam back.

"See you guys later" you smile kissing jai. "Have fun"


You and Mariam have picked roni up and have just arrived at the mall. First stop the spa.

You've had a mani pedi and now massage. You cant help but think that the boys are the ones that really need this right now

About 30 minutes later you appear out of the room in your robe. To a table in the spa with tea and roni and Mariam waiting at it.

"Omgod that was amazing!" You whisper walking towards them. They both laugh as you sit down all with your robes wrapped around you. "Im so glad you're back" roni smiles shaking your arm. "I missed you so much! I was going crazy with those boys" Mariam laughs taking a sip of her tea. "Aw i missed you guys too" you laugh.

"So, what happened in oz?" Roni asks cautiously, "its a long story, basically jai turns up on my doorstep, honestly i didn't even know what to do", "thats so sweet though" Mariam smiles. "At the time i didn't really think that though" you laugh. "I know but still!" Roni adds.

"I guess". "So how have you been since you've been back then". "Not great" you shrug looking at them both. "What do you mean?" Roni asks worried. "I went to the doctors yesterday". They both turn their heads to look at each other worried then back to you. "And?" Mariam gestures for you to continue. "Basically, i have an infection in my liver and around my stomach" you say waiting for their reactions.

Their eyes widen as they hear the word come out of your mouth. "Are, a-a-are you okay" roni stutters, she looks like shes on the verge of tears. "Roni, I'm fine" you say rubbing her hand. Mariam looks like shes in shock. "What did they say?". "I have to take all this medicine, if i dont then it could affect me having children later on" you reply. You see roni looking down as a single tear falls from her eye hitting her robe.

"Roni whats wrong?" You say knelling next to her rubbing her arm. "Im just worried about you, you shouldn't have to go through this" she whispers. "Im gonna fine, we just have to stay positive okay?" You say smiling up at her. Mariam grabs your hand too. "We're always here for you (Y/N)" Mariam says giving you a small smile. "I know, i live you guys so much" you say pulling them in and hugging them both at once. "Can you guys do me a favour though" you ask letting go, but you hands still linked in a circle. "Yeah sure". "Just don't tell the boys yet, i want to tell them when the times right, they have a lot going on right now". They both nod their heads.

"I love you guys!" You smile. "No more crying now ok" you laugh. They both give you a smile.

"Now who's ready to shop!" You yell......



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