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Your Pov:

You and jai walk through to the kitchen together, jai walking behind you gripping your hand. "Beer jai?" You dad asks as you appear in the room with a bottle in his hand. "Um yeah sure" jai says smiling a little, "thanks" he smiles twisting the lid off.

"You guys go wait in the lounge, we'll call you when its ready" you mum says pulling the plate out of the cupboards, "are you sure" you ask. She nods her head giving you a small smile. You jai and your brother and sister walk into the lounge, you and jai lounge on the couch as he puts his arm around you taking a sip of his beer, with the twins on the floor watching tv.

"Are you okay?" You ask looking up at jai. "I think so, i just wanna get through this dinner.


-30 minutes later-

"Dinner!" You mum calls from the kitchen. The twins run to the kitchen with you and jai following close behind. Your mum places the last plate of food at the table and sits down, with your dad at the head of the table, you and jai sit down the end.

"Smells amazing mum" you smile sitting down. "Yeah it does" jai adds.

Everyone starts to dig into their food. "So jai, hows everything in L.A?" Your dad asks taking a sip of his beer, "really good, we've been quite busy so thats good" jai smiles. "They've been working really hard" you smile, then looking up at jai as he smiles down at you. "What kinda stuff have you guys been working on" your mum asks cutting her food. "We've got a clothing line coming out soon, and lots more events and videos" jai replies, "well thats very good jai" she says trying to give him a small smile.



Everyone finished eating, your mum just starts to stand up clearing the plates, "ill help" you say standing up, "thanks for dinner miss (Y/L/N)" jai smiles helping clear the plates, "jai you've been around for 2 years i think you can call me by my first name by now" she laughs a little. You all carry the plates to the kitchen.

"Jai, can i speak to you outside?" Your mum asks drying her hands. "Sure"jai says a bit nervous, they look at you and dad to make sure, "go, we'll finish cleaning up" you dad says shooing them out.

Jai's Pov:

My heart is beating to fast i feel like in gonna puke. We walk out to the backyard sitting on the outdoor chairs http://weheartit.com/entry/95004306/via/Marimeldd

(Y/M/N) takes a deep breath looking up. "I think i know what you want to talk about" i say looking down. "Jai it was so hard to see her hurt like that" she whispers quietly, i look up at her.

"I know you didn't do it intently, but i never want to see my little girl upset like that, you'll understand one day when you have your own"

I cant help but smile a little, one day, i could have my own little family, with (Y/N).

"I know, i cant begin to explain how sorry i am, i would never want to hurt her, your daughter means more to me than anything in this world, and i would never ever do anything to jeprodice that" i say in one breath. "Het jai i know" (Y/M/N) says trying to calm me down. "You love her with all your heart i know that, but i guess thats why it surprised me, cause i never thought you would do something like that" she says in a calming voice.

"Miss (Y/L/N) can i ask you something?" I ask cautiously. "Of course"

"I got a call tonight from my manager, he needs me back in L.A"

"Oh i see" she says preparing herself

"Would it be alright if (Y/N) came back with me? I really need things to work out with us, i cant lose her" i say hopefully

A smile spreads across her face as she nods her head lightly. "Yes?" I ask excitedly. "Yes jai" she laughs

"Thank you so much miss (Y/N) you wont regret this, i promise" i say giving her a quick tight hug. "Jai, cant breathe" she laughs helplessly. "Sorry"


I walk back inside to see (Y/N) putting the last dish in the cupboard, i sneak up behind her snaking my arms around her waist. "Shit" she whispers holding her chest, "jai you scared me" she says hitting me with the tea towel, "everything go okay?" She asks nervously, "better than good" i smile, "really?" She asks shocked.

"Jai are you staying the night?" (Y/D/N) asks from the couch. "Um---", "you're welcome to if you'd like jai" (Y/N) mum says sitting on the couch next to her dad . "If its okay with you" i say looking down at (Y/N). She nods her head gripping my hand by her side. "Were gonna head off to bed" (Y/N) says. "Okay, night" they both wave, "thanks for Dinner" i smile walking out of the kitchen with (Y/N) pulling me along, "you're welcome jai" they both smile

We walk up to the bedroom, shutting the door behind us........

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