I miss you. Part #9

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Your Pov:

Today was the day you were filming a video with the boys and the video with jai too. You were doing that later on in the day, but this morning you had to go pick up jais anniversary present from the jewllers first. You didnt want him to be suspicious about where you were going so you thought you'd ask mariam to go with you to make it look like you were just having a 'girls morning'.

You slowly wake up to the sun shinning through the blinds in jais room, you stretch and yawn. "morning beautiful" jai smiles rolling over to you. "You ready for today?" jai says slowly opening his eyes and yawning. "Yeah i think so, sort of nervous about what you guys are gonna make me do though" you laugh. "Yeah, i should be fun though" jai giggles, "what should we do this morning before we go" jai asks looking at you still laying on the pillow. "um i was gonna ask mariam if she wanted to have a girls morning, it just i havent really spent a lot of time with her since ive been here, is that alright?" you asked waiting for jais reaction. "yeah of course babe, i should probably spend some time with the boys too" jai smiled kissing your forehead and then getting up to put some clothes on. You went to the bathroom and had a quick shower, you put on some white shorts, a maroon baggy singlet that showed some of your black lace bra under the arms and your white chucks. You walked out of the bedroom accross the hall to ronnie and mariams room, you knocked twice and waited for someone to come out.

Mariam came to their door, "morning (Y/N)" she smiled, "morning, hey i was wondering do you wanna come to the shopping centre with me, i have to pick up jais anniversary present but i dont want him to be suspicious, so i told him we were gonna have a girls morning?" you said waiting for her answer. "aw thats so sweet (Y/N) of course ill come with you, just let me get my bag" she replied.

"Okay bye boys" you both waved walking past the kitchen, you quickly walked over to the breakfast bar where the boys were sitting and gave jai a kiss, "have fun babe" he said smiling, "i will, See you boys later" you waved walking out the door.

Jais Pov:

(Y/N) and mariam walked out the door and i needed the boys help. "okay!" you said getting the boys attention. "Its me and (Y/N) 2 year anniversary in a few days and i need your guys' help on what to do, i have nothing planned!" you said in one breath freaking out. "calm down bro!, we'll figure something out" james said patting you on the back. "well any ideas?" you said looking around at the boys. "um, you could take her out to dinner" skip said looking confused. "okay, what about a present though!" you said. "how about a promise ring? i mean you guys are still a bit young to get engaged but theres nothing wrong with a promise ring i guess" Luke said waving his hands. "okay thats good" you said smiling at luke. "hey, you know how (y/N) isnt really comfortable being around fans and the paps and stuff yet?" james said looking around at the boys, they all nodded. "well, what about instead of taking her out, you could set something up outside by the pool at night with candles and shit" james said pointing outside. "wow, thanks james, thats a really good idea!" You said patting him on the back. "and we can cook!" daniel said jumping up and down, "uhhhhhh" you said not so sure about the idea. "come on! it'll be good!, we can be your guys' bitches for the night!" daniel screamed, "how is that fun, you dick now look what youve got us into" Beau said slapping him on the back of the head. "okay, yeah that'll be awesome" you said laughing ."thanks alot baby daniel!" the boys said rolling their eyes.

Your Pov:

We arrived at the shopping centre and were walking towards the jewllery store. "good morning (Y/N), here to pick up your dog tags?" the same lady from yesterday said. "yeap" you said smiling walking towards the counter. "okay, ive got them right over here, i'll just get them for you" she said walking over to the cabnet. "here you go, what do you think?" she said smiling waiting for you to say something. "theyre amazing!, thank you so much" you excitedly. "no problem" the lady smiled. You handed over the money and walked out of the shop, waving as you walked out. You and mariam were walking back to the carpark, "(Y/N), i cant believe this, how did you know jai wanted dog tags hes only really spoke about it to the boys" mariam said looking surprised. "Yeah i know, but ive heard him talking about them back at home about some ones that he really liked, so i thought this would be something that will mean alot to him" you smiled looking at the bag. "thats so sweet (Y/N), jais very lucky to have you" she smiled putting her arm around you quickly.

You made it back to the house, all the boys were sitting in the kitchen waiting for you. "hey boys" you smiled walking over to jai, and standing in between him while he was sitting on the stool. "You ready to do the video (Y/N)?" beau giggled. Obviously something disgusting they had planned for the video. "ugh i guess so" you sighed. "Okay lets go!" Luke said pointing to go outside by the pool area. The camera was set up and you were all standing in front of the pool, beau in the middle, of course, Luke on the left, skip on the right, then james next to luke, jai next to skip and then you.

"hey, guys were the janoskians, And today, were doing, the, milk and chilli, challenge!" the boys all said waving their hands and saying it in a girly voice shaking their hips. Once you heard that your eyes widened and you were in shock about what was about to go down. " and today we have a special guest, (Y/N) jais girlfriend" beau said pointing to you. You gave the camera a quick smile and waved. "okay so we have 4 red chillis and a 3L bottle of milk each, the teams are, Me and james, Beau and skip and (Y/N) and jai. Which ever team finishes both of their chilli's and milk first wins" Luke said explaining the rules.

"okay, everyone ready? 3 - 2 - 1, GO!" james yelled...........................................

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