Your Pov:

Jais hazel eyes stared right at you. You smiled turning your attention to each other, "kiss!!" The paps yelled snapping pictures of you both. A smile spread across jais face and he slowly lent down to your lips, he kissed you softly on the lips, both of you smiling into the kiss. After a while you stopped and smiled at each other, You both faced the cameras again smiling with jais arm still wrapped tight around your waist and yours around his back.

As you all moved along the carpet interviewers were holding out their microphones fighting for an interview. The boys walked over to the "E! News" microphone, "come on babe" jai smiled looking at you, "Jai i-i" you stuttered, You agreed to coming to the carpet, but you weren't exactly prepared for a interview!

"Hey boys" Guliana smiled holding up her mic, The boys all smiled. "Hows it feel to be here tonight?" she smiled holding the mic up to the boys, Beau was in the middle, then skip, luke james and you and jai on the end. "amazing, were so honored to be invited to something like this" beau smiled. "we have our amazing fans to thank for all this, without you guys we wouldn't be here" Luke smiled and waved at the girls behind the fences screaming. Guliana smiled, "And we have (Y/N) here tonight too i see" she said excited turning to you and jai. "Yeah she came out to surprise me for our anniversary a few days ago" Jai smiled looking at you. "aw how sweet, how are you two?" , "better than ever, I couldn't ask for a better girlfriend" Jai said kissing you on the cheek. "so will you be moving out here soon (Y/N)?" Guliana asked holding the mic up to you.

You weren't prepared to ask questions like this. You've bearly been here a week and you're already getting pressured. But you remembered what jai said. "stay calm" you thought to yourself. "um well, we don't have any plans like that for right now, but maybe sometime in the future" You smiled. "aw how sweet, we'll thanks for talking with us guys, Have a good time in there" Guliana said giving all of you kisses on the cheek as you walked off. "You did great babe" jai whispered as you all made your way to to the fans at the fence. You smiled at jai, "i feel so stupid for over reacting the whole time now". "It fine, babe you were just nervous, i was the first time too, but you'll get used to it, i promise" He wrapped his arm around your shoulder.

Jais Pov:

We made our way over to the fans at the fence signing autographs and taking selfies. (Y/N) was keeping her distance, but she seemed more at ease when she saw how much they loved us. "(Y/N)!!" some fans yelled signaling for her to come over. You looked at her and smiled, she took a deep breath and smiled walking over to the fans. "omgod (Y/N) i love you so much!" a girl screamed with her hand covering her mouth. You saw tears fall from the girls eyes. "aw dont cry!" (Y/N) said reaching over the short fence and giving her a hug. You couldn't help but smile at how amazing she was. "Omgod" the fan whispered. "can i have a picture with you!", "of course babe" (Y/N) laughed. They got in front her phone that (Y/N) held out and made funny faces. "Thank you so much" she smiled looking at the picture. "No problem" (Y/N) said hugging her and walking down the fence a little more. You saw her signing some stuff out the corner of your eye as you were and you caught each others eye. You smiled at her down the carpet and a blush came across her cheek as she finished signing the notepads.

The boys were about to walk in so you went to get her, "Guys stop trying to steal my girlfriend" Jai laughed pointing at the girls, They all giggled, "bye guys" You waved and (Y/N) waved to with a huge smile on her face. You walked to the end of the carpet and met up with the boys, mariam ronnie and gina,"babe you did so good, they love you!" gina laughed patting you on the back. "now the hard bits over, You can relax, Tonight's gonna be fun babe" Jai smiled wrapping a piece of hair behind you ear and kissing you softly on the lips you both smiled......

A/N: Hope you liked this chapter sorry if this wasn't my best i have a really bad flu right now and cant really think straight, hopefully you enjoyed it Send me suggestions about what you want to see in the next few parts

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