*let me know if you prefer 'your pov' talking in 'i' or 'you'..... If that makes sense? Haha

Your Pov:

Its a few days later since i told the girls
About my "issue", the boys still don't know but I'm still not ready for them to find out with everything going on right now and especially since its thanksgiving tomorrow. I roll onto my side as the bright L.A sun shines through the blinds, Jai's grip on my waist tightens as i stretch my arms above my head letting out a yawn. "Jai" i whisper shaking him a bit, "whhaaaaat" he moans scrunching up his face

"We have to go get food". "Why do i have to come" he whines throwing the pillow over his head. "Cause. I cant carry it all, we have to get all the food for tomorrow" i laugh ripping the pillow off him. "Cant we just get a maccas or something he says slowly opening his eyes, "for thanksgiving? Are you for real" i say sitting up in disbelief. "We don't even celebrate it though" he laughs under his breath, you sit up staring at him looking down on him for him to change his mind. "Ugh fine" he moans looking up at you as he pulls him self towards the bathroom


You and jai arrive at the supermarket, people coming out of every corner doing their thanksgiving shopping. As you left all the boys and Mariam were still asleep so only you two went. Jai grabs a trolley as you walk beside him with your hand on his back as he leans over the trolley, "whats wrong" you laugh as he leans over. "Its like 10 in the morning (Y/N)" he says pulling him self up, "yeah and?" You laugh.

"Its too early for this shit" he whines putting his arm around your shoulder and you both walk behind the trolley through the aisles. You start grabbing ingredients off the shelf for the thanksgiving dinner you Mariam and gina are making tomorrow.


After a while of pushing through people in the busy aisles you get to the checkout with the overflowing trolley. "Do we really need all this food" jai laughs as you start putting items onto the bench. "Oh like you guys aren't gonna eat it all" you mock, "true" he says biting his lip.


You've been home for a few hours now its about 1:30 in the afternoon. You and jai cleaned up downstairs and all the boys are hanging out outside by the pool on the chairs

"So who's coming around tomorrow?" You ask a bit worried to the boys as you sit on Jai's lap. They all look at each other. "No one that i know of?" Luke replies confused. "Really? I thought you guys would be having another party or something" you say biting your lip.

"Nah" beau laughs taking a sip from his drink. "So no randoms?", "no randoms" James smiles. "Family day tomorrow" jai smiles up at you, squeezing his grip on you tighter around your waist. You give him a quick smile but all of a sudden a shooting pain hits your stomach, you make a quiet yell of pain as Jai's face immediately changes. "Babe what happened!" He asks worried, you can hear it in his voice. "No-t-h-ing, i- my stomach", you can see the boys on the edges of their seats.

"Are you okay" jai says putting you on the chair lightly, "y-y-e-ah i just need to go upstairs i think" you say slowly getting up.

"Y/N we should go to the doctors" jai says trying to stop you. "Jai im fine" pulling yourself up, "no your not" he says cutting you off pulling your arm to help you up and you grip your bottom lip with your teeth.

"Stop y/n" jai says as you start walking inside as the boys look on helplessly.

"Jai stop!" You snap turning around to face him. He stares at you in disbelief. "Stop treating me like a child I'm fine"

He stands there stunned as you slowly step inside. As much as you hate arguing you cant take him babying you any longer. The pain becomes unbearable as you take your first step on the steps, clenching your eyes shut and holding the rail as you slowly make your way up the stairs. As much as you try to deny your in no pain to the boys, you cant stand it. But they cant take one more thing to worry about right now, so you hide it.......



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