Chapter 51: Victory?

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Vincent's POV
I ringed the door bell ready to do it again but the man opened the door.

"Please just stop. I will give you the stupid GHU for free."he said.

"Yay! Let's go." I said.

I carried the game happily home. It was like six now. I put it in my closet then I dropped on my bed and was put like a light.

"Where has he been all night?"mom asked.

"Maybe at Sammie's."dad said grinning as he sipped some hot chocolate.

"Do you think so....he seemed pretty sad yesterday and I thought it was about Sammie."mom said nodding off.

"Well honey it's almost Chris- Honey wake up."he said waving his hand in her face. He smiled as she snored. He picked her up and put her in the bed. "Sweet dreams honey."he said before closing the door.

"What are you doing dad?" I asked rubbing my eyes.

"Oh $hit."he said jumping back. "Vincent you almost gave a heart attack weren't you asleep?"he said.

"Dad I think I'm gonna go out and get more gifts." I said still rubbing my eyes.

"Why?"he asked.

"Because if he doesn't like one of the gifts he'll have more to choose from." I said yawning.

"Who, Sammie?"he asked.

"Uh huh." I said falling on his chest falling asleep again.

"Vincent you are way to big for me to carry you to your room."he groaned.

Sammie's POV
Just two of us. My hands are shaking a bit so I put them in my pockets. If I could win.....

"Okay for the final round-" Jamie started to say.

"Tell us why you did such drastic and embarrassing things for a game system."the manager asked and everyone stared at him then at us two.

"I'll go first." Kayon said stepping up. So now all WYES were on him. "My girlfriend and I really like games. And she has a very serious illness. So I thought the least I can do this Christmas is to get her the GHU."he said as his eyes got watery and so did others.

"Your turn." Jamie said nodding to me.

I gulped do I really have to tell them. Can't I bend the truth a bit.

"I-I well you see it's this guy...." I said trailing off. I'm so close just say it. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "I want the GHU for a guy that I love." I said flushing a bit. "I care about him a lot. And I just wanted to male him happy. He really is amazing. Sure he can be annoying and aggravating sometimes but he has lot's of good points too. I'm glad I met him. Even though when we met it was not the best way but I'm glad." I said looking up while smiling.

People stared at me. I gulped we're they judging me?

"He's gay." I heard people whisper.

"Hey!" Jamie yelled but their was giggles then more whispering.

I frowned is this is what people do? Judge you just because of who you like?

"Hey stop!"the manager yelled standing up and they all looked at him. "Samuel tell us, how do you feel about him?"he asked.

"Like I said I love him." I said as my face heated up.

"See how brave he is! He could of lied and said he liked a girl but no! He likes a guy. So who gives a damn!"the manager yelled then sat down.

"And also." I said and everyone looked at me. "I love him isn't that all that matters?" I said and they all stared.

"Yeah!"a girl yelled. "Love is love!"she yelled.

Her friends looked at her like she was crazy. "Your-"one of her friends started to say.

"Yeah!"she yelled.

"Love is love!"a guy yelled.

It started to go around. I smiled a bit. Love is love huh?

"Alright for the final results." Jamie said after the crowd calmed down. "The winner is Kayon?!" Jamie said sounding surprise.

....I didn't win.

And I will probably continue this sometime today. Well byeee little potatoes.

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