Chapter 62: Field Trip!

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Since I'm had a field trip on Friday I came up with this idea. Also warning their might be some hot scenes.

Vincent's POV
It's Wednesday and we're going to a place called The Palace. It's a hotel, arcade games, pool, basketball, ice skating, laser tag, buffet area, bowling, and etc. But all of those things sound so amazing. Well be there till Friday. Poor Derrick doesn't have his Jamie so he's depressed. Hahahaha. I know evil. As we get on the bus I take the window seat just to piss Sammie and Derrick off. We argued most of the way. I knew this was gonna be sooo fun.

Sammie's POV
Vincent fell asleep and was laying on the window. I flushed. He looked cute. Uggggghhhh my brain. Derrick smirks and pushes me against Vincent causing Vincent to slur then slowly open his eyes.

"I-I'm sor-" I started to say but he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close.

"Teddy bear."he mumbled.

My face heated up. He's still asleep. I'm so glad we chose to sit in the back. Derrcik bit his lip to keep from laughing.

'I'm so gonna kill you.' I mouth and he struggs with a grin.

When the bus stops I shake Vincent lightly. He groans but wakes up. His face heats up.

"Sorry."he said letting me go.

"It's okay." I say while Derrick yells at us to bring our asses.

After we get our rooms. Which I'm sharing with Derrick and Vincent. We went to play some pool where the arcade games were. When I bend over to take a shot I missed.

"Let me help." Vincent whispered in my ear making me jump with my face flushed and Derrick laughed as he took a shot.

"Uh okay." I say and he comes behind me.

I blush more when I bend down and he's on top of me. I felt something poke me. It was rubbing my ass.

"Vin-Vincent." I said biting my lip but he entwined his fingers with me.

My mind went blank. And next thing I know Derrick is cursing.

"See Sammie you hit most of the balls."he said and I stood up.

"I did?" I said looking at the table. "Oh uh thank you." I said and Vincent smirked.

Surprisingly we played pool and ate most of the day. I was in my pajamas walking through the hall to get to the room but was stopped by Coach.

"Good luck."he whispered to me and walked away smirking.

"Huh?" I said rubbing my eyes way too sleepy.

I opened the door and my eyes widen. Vincent was only in a towel. He turned around while drying his hair off with another towel. My fave heated up.

"I-I'll just go and come back." I said about to leave and close the door.

"No."he said turning away and dryed his hair some more. "It's fine."he said.

Vincent's POV
I had to look away quickly. My face was completely red.

"Oh, okay."he said and I heard the door close. I turned to see him walking to his bed. "So where's Derrick?"he asked.

"I think he's talking to Jamie outside." I said looking through the drawers for some pajamas.

"Vincent."he said.

"Huh?" I said turning around taking a step forward but slipped because of the water.

I opened my eyes and I was on top of Sammie. His face was as red as a tomato. My face heated up as well.

"What the hell?"a voice said.

We both looked up and saw Derrick. Sammie started to stutter but pushed me off.

"Well this is interesting." Derrick said smirking as he walked over to us.

I stood up. "I slipped, okay." I said and then I felt cold air.

Sammie's eyes widen and his face got darker. Derrick covered his eyes.

"Go to the damn bathroom!" Derrick yelled.

I grabbed my towel and some clothes and went to the bathroom.

Sammie's POV
That image will now remain. Ugggghhhhh. First I barely saw it. Now I saw it completely.

"You should of covered your face." Derrick said laughing.

"Shut up." I said and threw a pillow it.

Vincent's POV
I got out the bathroom and sighed. Then I was hit with a pillow. It fell to the floor and I glared.

"Now which one of you threw that?" I said.

Derrick bit his lip trying not to laugh and Sammie looked down.

"Oh so you did it." I said walking towards Sammie.

"It was meant to hit Der-"he started to say but I cut him by climbing on top of him. "Wha-What are you doing?"he asked.

I wanted Sammie.....really bad. I looked at him hungrily. Looked him up and down. I bit my lip as his face heated up.

"I'll be leaving." Derrick said getting up.

"Der-Derrick." Sammie stuttered.

"It won't take long." I said and sucked on his neck.

"Vincent."he gasped.

"There." I said sitting up.

He looked down at his neck then covered it. He was madly blushing.

"That's pay back. Don't try to hide it." I said crawling off him.

He blushed and looked away from me. Later on that night when Sammie was asleep Derrick started asking questions.

"What made you do that all of a sudden?"he whispered.

"It's getting harder to keep my feelings inside." I said.

"Then don't."he said and drifted off.

Maybe I shouldn't.

And that is all. What could happen next my potatoes?

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